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Shaped roughly like a tobacco leaf, Taiwan is an island straddling the Tropic of Cancer, with many offshore islets scattered around it, forested peaks, terraced flatlands and coastal plains and basins. Scuba diving is perhaps Taiwan’s best kept secret with more than forty years of history. More and more divers are now discovering Taiwan, making it one of Asia’s great dive destinations. There are over 50 dive shops on the island and numerous training schools, offering PADI, NAUI and SSI qualifications.

There is a wide choice of beautiful dive sites to encounter when diving in Taiwan. Some of the best diving is mostly found in the Southern tip of Taiwan, where waters are typically warm throughout the whole year and visibility actually tends to improve during the winter months since suspended particulates in the water tend to be at a minimum.

Green Island

A little known diving paradise off the southeast coast of Taiwan, the picturesque Green Island, once known as ‘Fire Island,’ always leaves divers and snorkelers of all levels surprised and with great memories as it offers a tremendous amount of wonderful sea life from amazing hard and soft corals to tropical colorful fish of more than six hundred species. Along the shoreline, white coral beaches can be found and numerous scenic coves leading into warm tropical waters. Visit Green Island from January to March every year to come face-to-face with schools of hammerhead sharks that around the southern tip of the island.

Kenting National Park

Accessible by high-speed rail from Taipei in just two and a half hours, the fascinating Kenting National Park warmly welcomes divers from around the world for a wonderful diving experience. This natural treasure is blessed with some of the best surf beaches in the region, spectacularly beautiful scenic landscapes, lush jungle and a range of hiking trails, as well as diving, jet-skiing and lots of other seaside fun. This seaside resort is home to 48 dives sites for both novice and experienced divers, each with its own charm and beauty and houses some 60% of all the coral species found worldwide. Here visibility is excellent, averaging 40 feet and soaring to 80 on a good day. Here divers can easily spot blue-spotted sting rays, huge lobsters, hawksbill turtles and, of course, hue of amazing fish.

Orchid Island

Famous for its lush, healthy coral reefs, crystal-clear warm waters and visibility exceeding 30 meters, Orchid Island is a vacation paradise for diving and snorkeling. Situated 65 km off the southeast coast of Taiwan and with an area of 46 sq km, the volcanic Orchid Island comes with seasonal diving that rivals all but the very best destinations in Asia. The marine life in this picture-perfect getaway is outstanding with hawksbill and green turtles, barracuda, jacks and tuna and this is just the beginning. Visitors will find the gorgeous wreck of a 200 m Korean freighter that sank some 22 years ago, which is covered with soft and hard corals and attracts stingrays, large jacks flit, dogtooth tuna and other marine habitats.

Penghu Island

An archipelago of 64 islets ideally nestled midway between Taiwan and mainland China, Penghu Island, also known as the Pescadores, is another fine dive location where diving is characterized by strong currents and is best suited for more advanced divers.

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