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Watertown Teen to Participate in Scuba Diving Expedition

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The New England’s Aquarium has recently come with a new educational program called SEA TURTLE, which will take Boston area teens on a scuba diving exhibition in Jamestown, Rhode Island from August 19th to the 24th. The main mission of Sea Turtle is to improve the teens’ scuba diving skills in an effort to find tropical fish that may have accidentally traveled up the Gulf Stream. In case found, these little creatures will be taken to the aquarium to flourish in a truly safe environment.

New England's Aquarium

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After going through a difficult application process (including a paper application, a group interview, teamwork exercises, a swim test and a face-to-face interview), Isabelle Holt – rising Watertown High School Senior, has been chosen to participate in this expedition, which according to her is going to be a truly interesting experience. The life below the waters has always attracted Holt, but as she admits, her passion and educational curiosity in marine biology has risen last year when she took part in a program organized by the Sea Education Association in California.

Though Holt has never had a scuba diving experience before, she has spent time snorkeling and is looking forward to becoming a certified and professional diver. Her training has already begun with the group’s first pool session. Wish her good luck! For more info on the SEA TURTLE program and everything the New England Aquarium has on offer, check out the following website:

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