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Volcano threat in Galapagos Islands

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We wrote about wonderful underwater world of Galapagos Islands and we just once again suggest you to enjoy scuba diving there. So if you really decided to go for diving in Galapagos Islands, then you should hurry. Volcanic eruption in the Galapagos Islands threatens the local marine inhabitants, reports agency AP. Volcano La Kumbre, which is located on the island of Fernandina, began breathing. Last time it was active in 2005.

galapagos islands volcano

Fernandina Island is uninhabited, so the eruption does not constitute a danger to humans. But environmentalists note that, because of the emission of ash and lava flows under threat are unique marine and terrestrial fauna of the region. In particular, the marine iguanas, cormorants and seals, living on the island.

Fernandina is a small rocky island area of 642 square kilometers, with a volcano. The height of the mountain is almost 1500 meters.

During his round-the-world voyage on its Beagle ship Charles Darwin visited Galapagos Islands. In its «On the Origin of Species» book, he justifies tying the evolutionary selection, by the influence of external factors, in particular, the results of observations of the local bramblings which look different on different islands.

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