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Top Diving Locations around Dubrovnik

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The part of the Adriatic Sea belonging to Croatia is regarded as one of the top diving areas in the world that lures tenth of thousands of underwater enthusiasts every year.

Located at the southernmost part of Croatia lies a breathtaking part of the Adriatic, the enchanting city of Dubrovnik, full of cultural and historical experiences, unique natural wonders, a great variety of outdoors and many opportunities to find apartment accommodation in Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik Region is a special attraction for those who adore diving or just want to learn how to dive. The islands just off the coast of Dubrovnik are the perfect oasis of beauty and relaxation, and a great base for superb diving adventures with amazing marine wildlife, a lot of underwater caves and mysterious historical wrecks, waiting to be explored and experienced.

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Some areas near Dubrovnik have been identified as controlled diving zones, including part of Mljet and the national park of Kornati; so if you are interested in diving in these areas, make sure to get proper licenses. Read on to get acquainted with some of the best diving locations around Dubrovnik that promise the ultimate diving adventure you’ll not soon forget.

Taranto Wreck

Taranto Wreck is one of the most popular dive sites near Dubrovnik, lying in the close vicinity of the Dubrovnik port of Gruz. It’s a well-preserved wreck of the Italian merchant vessel that was sunk in 1943 after it hit the allied forces mine. Pieces of the ship are scattered all around the wreck: divers will find the parts of the cargo, engines and tractors. Taranto is covered in various sponges, bryozoans and anemons and is home to schools of fish and two big sea bass. The underwater visibility in this area is simple fantastic, often reaching 55 meters and water temperatures here regularly hit 25°C during the summer months.

Pelješac, S 57 torpedo boat

The second largest Croatian peninsula, Pelješac, surrounded by a series of small and large islands, offers great wreck diving many diver enthusiasts will surely appreciate. Off the north coast of the peninsula divers will find perhaps the most well-known wreck on the Adriatic – the wreck of the German torpedo boat S 57 that was sunk in 1944 after failing to repair damage sustained from a British warship. The main highlights of the ship are its anti-aircraft gun, its interior with the engine room and the crew of the boat that is made up of conger eels, sea urchins, scorpionfish and octopi. The wreck is visible at 5 meters and is reached by boat which is anchored near the wreck.

Elafiti, St. Andrija

Just a short ferry ride from Dubrovnik one can find the still undiscovered paradise of car-free Elafiti Islands with many attractive walls inhabited by colonies of red coral. One of these walls is the outer side of St. Andrija Island, abundant in a wide variety of fish, corals and algae. The cliff in this dive sites drops from 3 to 78 meters almost vertically and at 26 meters, divers will find an underwater cave.

No matter which diving location you’ll choose for your vacation, one thing is for sure that scuba diving around Dubrovnik is as interesting and exciting as the city itself.

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