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Top Destinations for Diving on a Budget

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Diving may seem like an expensive pastime – for starters it is attractive to travel to a warm destination where the waters are clear and besides this you have to think about the equipment needed and hiring an instructor. That said, it is still possible to enjoy diving without spending a fortune. Why not consider some of the following locations before planning your next trip?

Egypt and the Red Sea

Often referred to as the Egyptian Riviera, the Red Sea around Egypt boasts some great dive sites and there are many cheap all-inclusive holidays on offer in 2013 at resorts such as Sharm el Sheikh or Hurghada. Booking an all-inclusive break allows for greater flexibility since you do not have to worry about paying for additional extras such as meals or travel between the airport and your accommodation. Many online operators allow you to search for cheap flights and deals so that you can save more for spending once you arrive. Find out more here.

Popular dive sites from Hurghada include the Giftun and Ramada Islands where beautiful reefs combine with drops and you can see colourful blue spotted rays, butterfly fish and angel fish, as well as anthias and vibrant coral walls. Experienced divers will love Ras Nasrani or Ras Um Sid close to Sharm el Sheikh, while beginners can enjoy local reefs not far from many of the major resorts.

red sea urchin

Paphos in Cyprus

Paphos has long been a popular holiday destination, particularly among Europeans who return year after year, and there are always plenty of package deals on offer. Combining your budget stay with diving is simple, you can even book into hotels such as Riu Cypria where complimentary try-dive sessions are offered at the swimming pool with certain types of bookings. Kalliopi Dive College provides lessons for all ability levels at several hotels, as well as group trips for water sports including snorkeling.

There’s No Place Like Home

You do not necessarily have to book a week-long holiday to enjoy a wonderful diving experience. Think about short weekend trips closer to home, which should work out being much more affordable in the long-run whether you live close to the sea or your landlocked country boasts many lakes. In the UK there are an abundance of sites around the coastline from Cornwall to the remote Scottish Isles, while Europe as a whole houses some amazing lakes, for example Austria’s ‘Green Lake’.

No matter where you go for a cheap diving holiday, save money by renting equipment, try staying at all-inclusive resorts, keep spending  to a minimum, and shop around online to find excellent deals. Beginners should ensure that safety comes first by diving with an instructor.

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