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Top 10 Places to Dive

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One of the most exciting and relaxing activities to do on holiday (or anytime of the year) is to do a little scuba diving. We’ve put together a list of ten of the best places to dive. These destinations are ideal for anyone who loves the sea – whether you’re new to diving or an old pro, you’re sure to love these ideas!

1 – Great Barrier Reef

You can’t be a true-lover of scuba diving without visiting the Great Barrier Reef at least once! Located off the coast of Australia, it is the world’s longest reef filled with a seemingly endless variety of coral and tropical sea life. Be sure to bring your underwater camera.

2 – Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands are ringed with both wildlife and plenty of reefs which makes it the perfect location for scuba diving. In fact, the area just north of the islands is the largest marine reserve in the United States which means there is plenty to see!

3 – Thailand

Thailand is known for its famous dive sites in Ko Tao, Similan Islands, Phuket, and the Surin Islands but scuba lovers can make the most of any location in the country. The seas there are filled with shark whales, manta rays, and other large sea creatures.

4 – Belize

Belize has some of the most famous and beautiful dive sites in the world but you can’t miss the Blue Hole, made famous by Jacques Cousteau. The crystal clear water, coral, and various sharks ranging from reef sharks to bull sharks to hammerheads is like no other spot on earth.

5 – Micronesia

Micronesia, located in the South Pacific and comprised of tropical islands, is surrounded by vibrant reefs. Don’t miss the Blue Wall, which is the number one diving spot in the region. A dive trip to Micronesia won’t break the bank and will be unforgettable.

6 – Egypt

The clear turquoise water of the Egyptian Red Sea is simply stunning. You can see a real diversity of life from the wrecks of Sha’ab Abu Nuhas to Sharm El Sheikh to Hurghda.

7 – Galapagos

The Galapagos is actually an archipelago of 80 islands with some of the most diverse species on the planet. The waters here are protected, so divers get a chance to see the way nature was meant to be.

8 – Brazil

Brazil’s Fernando de Noronha is off the beaten path and among one of the best dive sites in South America. The blue waters are filled to the brim with dolphins, turtles, and so much more.

9 – Malta

Malta offers an underwater maze of arches, tunnels, caves, and reefs. Well-preserved and colorful marine life along the coast makes for a dive like no other. See dolphins, tuna, hippo campus, and anemones as well.

10 – Seychelles

Don’t miss out on Seychelles’ rich sea life. Beautiful corals, gigantic underwater canyons and reefs filled with clown fish, manta rays, and turtles prove this to be an underwater paradise.


  • Mike said:

    Agreed. I went to the Great Barrier Reef last summer, it was incredible but I didn´t go diving (just snorkeling). I´m definitely going back though to hit the Yongala dive site. I´ve heard again and again that it is one of the best diving sites in the world!


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