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Top 10 Diving Destinations in Europe

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Tropical islands are not the only destinations where divers find amazing underwater locations. Throughout Europe, many popular sites continue attracting scuba enthusiasts from all over the world. The ocean’s depths contain widely differing landscapes, spectacular marine life and historic shipwrecks.

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Isle of Man

The Burroo off the southern coast of the island continues drawing divers. Colourful anemones and invertebrates cling to the bedrock despite the strong currents, while crustaceans crawl in search of a meal. Grey seals also commonly greet visitors.

Fanore, Ireland

This shore dive features crystal clear waters teeming with numerous fish species. Reefs and ledges serve as home to a large number of crustaceans and shellfish along with electric rays, Pollack and sharks. The terrain includes The Cathedral, an enormous rock formation.

Kilkee, Ireland

Off the south-western coast of Clare lies the Diamond Rocks dive site. A sheltered bay provides calm waters and superb visibility through underwater terrain that includes rocky gullies and valleys. The reef gradually descends into a deep valley that lies over 40 metres below the water’s surface. The cracks and crevices at varying depths of the waterscape teem with many different creatures.

Scapa Flow, Scotland

Scapa Flow, found in the Orkney Islands, remains one of the most popular diving locations in the United Kingdom. The attraction here lies in the numerous warships that date from the beginning of the 1900s through WWII. The fleet litters the sea floor at a depth of 18 metres. Though amazingly preserved, an array of corals covers the vessels. Jellyfish, starfish, sea urchins and wrasse reside here.

Lamaca, Cyprus

The visibility here spans 20 metres and beyond. The ferry MS Zenobia remains the main attraction beneath the waters off of Lamaca. The ship sunk in 1980, lies on its port side and extends from a depth of 15 to 42 metres beneath the surface. The position of the ship permits swimming through the vessel and many believe she is the best wreck site in the world.


Cross the sharp limestone at the bottom of the Dwejra Point and encounter the Blue Hole. Upon entering the hole, visibility remains astounding, which offers a fantastic opportunity for photographers. A massive archway stands at three metres. At eight metres, a fissure forms a narrow chimney through the rock. Descend to the bottom at 26 metres and explore a vast cave while viewing the marine life.


Find cheap tickets to Malta and journey to Cirkewwa Harbour, located off the northern point of the island. Beneath the waters, divers find amazing topography and the MV Rozi tugboat at a depth of 35 metres. Clear visibility and an abundance of marine life combine for perfect underwater photographs. The marine life includes barracuda, cuttlefish, dolphins and moray eels.

La Herradura, Spain

Divers boarding flights to Spain arrive here and venture to the TresPicos, which translated means the three peaks. Dive to depths of up to 22 metres and explore the many local caves and holes found at the location. Various eels, electric rays and octopi live here along with a variety of sunfish.

Ustica, Italy

Declared a marine reserve in 1986, many consider this location one of the best in the Mediterranean Sea. A steep, red vegetated covered wall harbours numerous fish species that include amberjacks, barracuda and groupers. Here, at a depth of around 24 metres, lies the wreck of the SeccadellaCoumbara.

Chios Island, Greece

The allure of this site includes a series of underwater caves and paths that meander through cliff walls and rocks along with various shipwrecks lying on the ocean floor.

Acquire cheap tickets to any of these locations and experience dives that offer memories to last a lifetime. Take in the sights above and below the sea, as many destinations feature villages rich with local culture. Consider one of the European dive sites when planning your next holiday.


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