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Tina Watson Dies while Scuba Diving

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Gabe Watson has been found guilty for his wife’s Tina Watson’s death while scuba diving. The prosecutors from the state’s attorney general office announced that Watson switched off Tina Thomas Watson’s air supply while they were diving in the Great Barrier Reef in an attempt to collect on a life insurance policy.

Watson, who has remarried, said his wife died accidentally and mentioned that Tina was a beginner in scuba diving and she just panicked underwater. He said that when he was trying to help her she dislodged his mask and by the time he was trying to position the mask correctly, it was already very late.

Australian investigators were told by another swimmer that Watson restrained her in a bear hug. The prosecutors are sure that he flipped off the air switch holding her until the time she lost consciousness, then let her sink to the ocean floor where her body later was recovered.

Tina’s father Tommy Thomas said he was against their marriage, also mentioning that Watson asked his bride-to-be to max out her life insurance policy to $130000 and to name him the beneficiary, instead of her dad.

Though Watson is charged with first-degree murder, he doesn’t except his guiltiness.

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  • Rozenino said:


    I am very sorry to hear or read articles like this one. I know it is risky to dive specialy if you are a beginner but if you have a dive master beside you, it will be safer but if the dive master fails you are on your own. It is a very sad story losing someone you love.

    I have blog about my works and some tips and guides to remember about scuba diving for the safety of scuba divers and commercial divers alike.



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