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The Underwater Photographer by Martin Edge – Book Review

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underwater photographerThroughout the years the two main authors whom I’ve always turned to are Martin Edge and Howar Hall. I have been eagerly awaiting the second book for a long time! His new book has greatly exceeded both my hopes and my expectations. What a major treat this book is to those who like to know where all of the dream hotels, dive sites, and perfect photographic opportunities are located! Another wonderful feature of this great book is that it also includes information about other activities for members of your family that don’t dive if they are the kind that has no interest whatsoever in learning how to dive so that they could join you. This book is the perfect travel advisor for anyone who is interested in exotic luxury vacations that may or may not include diving. Great location ideas are included in this book for all including singles, couples and families. These great ideas are so plentiful that you will be able to utilize this book for years to come. Throughout the entire book he provides a vast wealth of information that is not only practical but friendly and unhurried as well. This is an excellent book that is quite an enjoyable read. It is full of tips, ideas, advice and stunning pictures. Another great aspect about this book that is really wonderful is that the author never gets lost in the technical know-how. He does not address the reader as though he or she is an idiot. Cover to cover this book left no subject matter out of the discussion regarding underwater photography. Fantastic photographs, detailed information about times of year to see various fish, dive site locations and information and general weather patterns are just a few of the many other great things that are incorporated into the book. Martin Edge’s new book clearly sets the standards for ease of use, clarity, and up to date information. I was so excited to be able to try out some of the new techniques discussed in his book. I did so while happily exploring the many underwater treasures it is possible to see these days. In conclusion, this is the best instructional how to book that I have ever taken the time to read. Martin Edge uses very clear explanations, tips and tricks that are very straightforward, and includes tons of beautiful photographs. Martin Edge’s book, The Underwater Photographer, is the ultimate must have book. It will make the perfect present to give to the avid photographer in your life – even if that avid photographer is you!


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