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The Low Down on Metal Detector For Kids Exposed

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It comes with a warranty of two years from the manufacturer and a learning guide in full color all about the device. This professional detector is great for adults and kids for great fun. The LCD display is easy to interpret and read, allowing kids to discover the treasures right under their feet. Featuring a pinpoint locator, four levels of sensitivity, and three modes of detection, this fantastic professional product fits easily into a kid’s backpack and is fully adjustable.

A really good entry level detector like the Garrett Ace 150 can be had for $150 new or cheaper used on eBay. Unless you are trying to make your kid hate metal detectors do not buy this kind of junk. **TIP: Once you’ve rinsed your scooping bucket in the water shuffle out it’s contents in a straight line across the shore to make it easier to narrow down what you are detecting.

Necessary Elements In Kids Metal Detector – The Inside Track

Three search modes-the detector has three search modes: discrimination, all-metal and tone. An under-water metal detector is a great option for kids who are fascinated by pirates and mermaids. Metal detectors for children aged 8 and below are typically lightweight, comprise of fewer features and are less complex to use. You will require a metal detector for both of you but theirs will obviously be a bit different from yours. However, what if your child wants to find buried treasure or you want to go treasure hunting with him or her?

The Ground Youth Metal Detector is an analog detector for youths that will find large pieces of metal that are as much as two feet in the ground. The device is waterproof and is still extremely sensitive in detecting metal.

Lightweight & Adjustable Size: This detector has an adjustable length from 24″ tall and is very lightweight, making it an excellent choice for kids of all sizes. Many of the detectors available today intended for children are fully functional, lightweight, and easy to operate.

If you are looking for a cheap but also reliable metal detector for your child the Bounty Hunter Gold Digger is what you’re looking for. The Bounty Hunter TK4 is also just a very good metal detector that I would recommend to you if you’re just starting with treasure hunting.

It also has an automatic ground balance which is handy for high mineral content areas. It has an LED screen for avoiding unnecessary digging and hunting.

So while you can certainly hunt in shallow water, just be aware that if you happen to slip on a wet rock and drop your detector, it will most likely be ruined. This limitation is true of almost any detector, except of course those built specifically to submerge in water. One reason is so you’re not disturbing others, and another is because sometimes the audio can be difficult to hear with all the wind and crashing waves at the beach. But this is normal and will happen with virtually any detector that’s not specifically made to handle these conditions. Venturing off into the water, the wet sand or even pockets of black iron sand will cause the detector to false.

Diane shares her tips for getting kids started with metal detecting. Diane and her family (including her now grown kids) have been metal detecting for decades.

About half of them come with accessories to make the job of hunting much more fun and exciting for everyone. These mechanisms are wonderful to spark a lifelong interest in the child for looking for buried treasures. Adult metal detectors are more complicated than the ones sold for kids since they have more features and intricate controls. We do list the battery types and if the device comes with the batteries or not with the purchase of the product in each section for you.

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