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Tenerife Diving

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Tenerife is the largest and highest of Spain’s Canary Islands; and most of its visitors are probably unaware that it is also one of the most popular diving destinations throughout the whole of Europe. Sitting just off the west coast of Africa, the island boasts beautifully crystal clear waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. Compare travel deals for your Tenerife flights and you’ll find that it is easily accessible from Europe and the rest of the world.

Tenerife is home to a diverse landscape of wildflower fields, sandy beaches and luscious forests. It’s also often referred to as “the island of eternal spring,” thanks to the ability to experience all four seasons in a single trip to the island. With its vibrant coral, ancient shipwrecks and schools of exotic fish all to be found in the islands sea, it’s no surprise Tenerife is such a popular diving site for people all over the world.

PADI and BSAC certified instructors are available year round to offer visitors to the island diving excursions from the all the popular dive sites. Whether this is your first dive experience or your 31st, the guides at Tenerife Dive, Aqua-Marina, Ocean Trek Diving Centre and Atlantic Divers will have a course to suit everyone.

One of the top underwater attractions here is The Condesito Shipwreck, a place often frequented by both beginner and the more advanced divers. The Condesito used to be a freightliner that wrecked somewhere around the shore of Punta Rasca over 30 years ago. It’s a great place to explore thanks to the hull, its cabin and the engine room still remaining intact to this day. They are now home to a large selection of coral and underwater wildlife. Keep your eyes out for the Rainbow wrasse, trumpet fish, tiny boxfish and the odd octopus swimming in and around the wreck

Another unique experience here for divers is The Rays at Los Chuchos popular with underwater photographers, and videographers thanks to the schools of rays gliding across the golden sands and the spooky small wreck site that lays on the sea bed. Dive and swim alongside all sizes of rays ranging from tiny bat rays to large eagle and sting rays.

Situated only minutes from the dive sites of Los Christianos and Las Galletas, Palm-Mar Cave aka or Cuevo Del Palm Mar, is a spot that is loved by thrill-seeking divers. Its crystal clear water allows for incredible visibility which means divers can enjoy views of huge cave and rocks, barracudas and lots of different varieties of moray eels. Don’t let the ferocious looking scare you though, they may look like they are angry but they are just inquisitive, and generally quite gentle.

The dark and mysterious cave is best viewed from the outside. It has a succession of mazes and nobody really knows how long it actually is or where it leads. A cross at the entrance honors the divers that have sadly died while exploring this very cave. Also, keep an eye out for a statue of the Virgin Del Carmen, which was erected to give protection to the divers and fishermen on the island.

Divers of all levels will find that Tenerife has just as much splendor and adventure beneath its sparkling surface as it does above.

photos by Tenerife Diving

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