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Suunto HelO2 dive computer

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The Finnish company «Suunto» presented latest of its developments – a computer for technical diving Suunto HelO2, with the help of which you can plan dives based on data from previous dives, set 8 gas mixtures, including trimiks, and receive guidance on preparation of mixtures.

suunto halo2

Key Features

  • Algorithm Suunto RGBM.
  • Suunto Dive Planner – an easy-to-use graphical user profile diary for planning dives, gas and emergency plans.
  • Suunto Dive Manager – an updated version with support for analysis of up to 8 gases.
  • Using of several mixtures – up to 8 gas mixtures with oxygen from 8% to 100% and helium up to 92%. The computer tells you when you need to change the gas. Procedure for displaying messages on change of the gas changes in the case of deviation from the plan.
  • In the measuring device can be used as a meter of bottom time and depth, including a stopwatch function.
  • The journal is kept info about dives with the step measure of 1, 10, 20, 30 or 60 seconds. Profiles can be viewed on the screen of the device.
  • The history of diving, including the total time of dive, maximum depth and number of dives.
  • Maximum depth – 120 m.
  • Wireless Transmitter (optional).
  • Easy to read screen – dot-matrix display.


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