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Suunto D6 Dive Computer

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Suunto D6 Dive ComputerSuunto D6 is an advanced wristop dive computer designed for demanding divers.

Suunto D6 is made of stainless steel as a wrist watch. The thin shell and an adjustable strap in a wide range of equally well-suited as a wide, elegant and at the wrist

Because of Suunto’s integrated RGBM system, the D6 allows you to make repeated stops at various depths, instead of making a more traditional single safety stop to decompress.

All your stops, steps are logged, which allows you to compare the diving profile of immersion immediately after its completion.

If diving with Nitrox, the D6 offers you the ability to easily switch between gases during the dive, which means you can alter your oxygen levels as you ascend, reducing the length of your required decompression stop.

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