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Stefanie Brendl: Sharks are not killers

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Coming face to face with sharks – one of the most thrilling and feared creatures in the ocean, is a truly fascinating experience for many ocean lovers. But not many ocean lovers will dare to encounter these exclusive marine habitats without a safety cage as did Stefanie Brendl, while making a film about some of the planet’s deadliest predators without a safety cage and showing no fear.

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46 year-old Stefanie from Germany leaves her protective diving cage behind and wearing only snorkeling equipment she  is ready for free-diving with a group of tiger sharks. This time she went the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

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What Stef wants is to change people’s misconceptions about the animals. The experienced diver suggests to avoid diving with tiger sharks in case you are nervous, because according to her being calm is the best way to communicate with them.  She also mentioned that being close to the sharks is something unforgettable when you are alone in the blue ocean with these animals and you don’t know how they can react.
Stefanie wishes to change people’s attitude towards these animals and make them not to be afraid so much. Her aim is simply to show people that sharks are not killers and stop the paranoia about sharks’ attacks.

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