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Special Scuba Diving Club only for Women

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Dear female scuba diving fans, if you want to socialize and share your diving expertize, feel free to join a scuba diving club exclusively created for you.

Called Dive Divas Fanclub (DDFC), the club’s mission is to promote recreational diving among women by gathering them in one place, which will give women divers the opportunity to share their knowledge and overcome different problems of diving together, as well as facilitate skills development and give them idea of marine environmental awareness in the dive community. “We strongly believe that scuba diving can bring people of all backgrounds together and create a bond with a common interest,” says Puvanes, one of siblings who founded Malaysia International Dive Expo.

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What are the advantages of attending this class? ‘Plenty,’ says Puvanes. First of all, many workshops and presentations are arranged by the professional staff, there are also days devoted to ocean diving, so the member can participate in that activity too, as well as free admission to the annual Mide Show and the club’s annual gathering during this show.

Those who are certified women divers added 20 and above are welcome to membership! Details at

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