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Shark Diving in The Dubai Mall

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The world’s largest aquarium which is located in  “The Dubai Mall”  in Dubai, offers a new attraction – Diving with sharks.  Aquarium is filled with 10 million liters sea water and contain several types of marine predators, including sand and basking sharks.

Biggest aquarium in the world - The Dubai Mall

Such attraction is acceptable for any adult who wishes to participate: Certified divers can dive without preparation, and newcomers will have to undergo a short training course, developed by Al Boom Diving. All dives accompanied by experts of the company.During a day scheduled no more than three dive with teams of four divers. The cost of a 20-minute dive for certified diver cost 625 dirhams (around $ 170), for beginner  825 dirhams (around $ 225).  There are about 33 thousands of marine inhabitants in the aquarium of Dubai Mall.
Crazy heh have you ever though that it would be possible to conduct a dive in your local mall lol .   I guess citizens of Dubai city can be proud of this type unique aquarium , yet another excellent place for Dubai holidays

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  • Girl said:

    i live in dubai and i am planning to do it sometime this summer 😀

  • Diverdude (Author) said:

    Gr8 , just do not forget to come back here and share with your experiences .

  • guyfrmdubai said:

    hey “girl” you into scuba diving ? me too a lott i actually live in dubai.In fact i am planning to dive in the dubai mall aquarium its all i wanted to do since the mall opened up…can we stay in touch with each other ? i want 2 my e-mail id is add me up….

  • gatina66 said:

    hey, i want go to dubai at oktober 2010. my friend is a teatcher for deep diver. he search a job in shark diving in the dubai mall. please can you help me. sorry my english is not very well.

  • Karen said:

    Last time when I went to Dubai I missed the scuba diving because I had a flight in the evening that why I missed the scuba…
    But now I really sick on this and I really wanna go there because i think it’s a very good experience .


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