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SeaQuest Balance BCD

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seaquest balance bcdMany divers prefer the back inflation as it provides greater freedom of movement and a lower profile. The Balance couples a rear bladder with a patented harness system that provides exceptional support and load distribution.

SeaQuest Balance Features:

* 420-denier nylon construction with plush padding and contour pack with Traction Pd.
* User-friendly hide-a-pocket rolls up when not in use, which lowers drag and resistance.
* Standard chest strap keeps BC fitting securely and snugly.
* Standard rear-pull dump for easy air dumping in head-down descents.
* Non-releasable rear-weight pockets are buckle-locked. Holding up to 5 lbs. in each pocket balances the diver in the water to maintain any body position with ease.
* Surelock Weight Release System – utilizing up to a total of 20 lbs.
* Revolutionary, comfortable fit is provided by the triangle load-distribution system, which distributes tank weight more evenly across the harness, relieving backpack pressure even while on land.
* The Buoyancy bag is a low profile 3 dimensional design
* The shoulder straps employ newly designed swivel buckles, for increased mobility and preferred strap placement

SeaQuest Balance Review

The Balance BCD has integrated weights using Sure Lock system. Their weight system is not something special, but it is easy to set-up and works.

Design of the SeaQuest Balance is almost perfect for minimal drag and is also very convenient for travel, easy packing in your suitcase or dive bag.

SeaQuest has added some attachment points for installation of a Wenoka Squeezelock knife.


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