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Scubapro MK25/S600 Regulator Review

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The Scubapro MK25/S600 Regulator has been rated to be one of the best diving regulators that are available in the market in the modern times. This product when teamed up with the first stage MK25 becomes a deadly combination to the technical diver no matter the sea depth and coldness. This regulator is considered to be the ideal match to the first stage MK 25 as it has the utility of being adjustable to suit the preferences of the diver and sea diving conditions. The main benefit of this regulator is that it offers the benefits of effortless breathing to the diver. The product also enjoys positive reviews in the nature of its design precision and lightweight features. The regulator has the utility of having enhanced performance under cold water and the material is also resistant to corrosion.

With the aid of the second stage regulator the diver has no difficulties breathing. The regulator has the ability to reduce the stress and also enhance the protection and the safety of the diver. The diver has the advantages of breathing smoothly and needs to make low efforts to do so. The regulator provides amounts of air that can be controlled by the diver. The regulator also has a balanced flow performance that is both classic and designated for rendering stability and reliability to the diver. This gives simple and solid performance to the diver and never disappoints him/her.

The second stage needs to be combined with the MK25 first stage and the general advantages of the piston lies in the fewer maintenance costs and reliability. The mechanism that is deployed is very simple and effective. The first stage design enjoys the reputation of being reliable for the provision of high delivery of air with better control. The first stage delivers more air to the second stage and even when there are changes in the tank pressure. With the aid of the balanced piston the diver has the benefits of components that are sensitive and lightweight. The balanced piston also gives instant and fast breathing responses to the diver when under water. The piston ensures that the diver gets the instant delivery of air whenever required and this in turn gives rise to an extremely high flow of air no matter how deep the diver may be in. This feature of the regulator works pretty well for the diver even when there is low tank pressure. If the diver is tired he can derive the benefits of smooth breathing ability even when at ascent or deco stop. When the diver needs to go in for balanced piston in the first stage this regulator is the first choice for professionals and hard core divers. The balanced piston also has the capacity to work well for both cold and warm water environments too.

The first stage also has the advantages of the two pressure ports that are opposite to one another and they permit the individual positioning of the first stage that points both up and down. This feature is a boon for the diver as he/she can position the gauges to suit requirements both to the right and the left side in order to get better freedom of neck and head movements.

There are also multiple low pressure ports that render ultimate freedom when it comes to the arrangement of the low pressure hoses. There are also five high flow ports that function on a swiveling turret and they are able to provide about 360 degrees swivel of hoses. There are also high flow ports that also deliver about 15% of more air than the other traditional ports.

When it comes to the S600 stage there is better air balanced technology and the second stage also renders a balancing chamber have the second stage mechanism. This mechanism has the ability to offset slightly the force of the downstream air that tends to enter from the first stage. This feature of the regulator gives the diver lesser tensions in the spring and it also decreases the resistance to the inhalation to the minimum level. This results in giving smooth breathing mechanism to the diver in all conditions. The air valve of this regulator has balanced technology and it is predominant in the X and S second stages. Combined with the first stages they tend to give the best of performances. The regulator is one of the most dependable ones around and trusted by divers across the world.

The regulator is one that has carbon fiber along with techno polymer housing rendering the diver light weight water resistance for longer life and durability. The regulator is also endowed with an inhalation effort that is adjustable and this exclusive feature helps the diver to adjust to the breathing efforts with the aid of a knob that is big enough to control. This can be fine tuned to any type of diving conditions that the diver is in.

Scubapro MK25/S600 regulator also has the advantages of deploying a mouthpiece that is comfortable enough to give comfort to the diver to reduce fatigue of the jaw. It also does not cause gum irritation as it has been made and checked by dentists worldwide. The mouthpiece is one that lasts longer than other mouthpieces that are available as there is only a lesser effort that is involved to hold it in place comfortably. The mouthpiece is one that is adjustable and it also gives the diver lesser breathing efforts and more smooth breathing facility. Every single breath that is taken by the diver is effortless and comfortable to the diver. The air delivery is without flaws and with this regulator the diver gets comfort and durability without tensions of depth and water temperature. It is highly recommended by professional scuba divers and the cost of the regulator is very reasonable too. The diver tends to get exhausted less and it is considered to be one of the best regulators in the world that is banked by millions of scuba divers across the globe! The price for equipment is 514.95$ ( at the time of review ) at

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This Dive regulator have excellent reviews from customers , here are some of them from

By Dive Master Don:  Effortless Breathing
I use this regulator in a variety of diving environments, from deep saltwater, to cold freshwater. It breaths effortlessly at all depths and tank pressures and is compatible with any breathing gas.

By geriatric diver: Very good
I bought this because ScubaPro stopped making parts for any older Scubapro model reg.
I am glad that I was forced to change. This reg is like breathing above water. It has never free-flowed. It goes a long time between servicing, but I do not recommend this practice.
It is light and comfortable.

By Greg: Scubapro = The Best!!!
This makes breathing effortless down under!! Don’t hesitate, just buy it!! Am going to buy another one for my son as a Christmas gift!!

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