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Scubapro MK25/G250V Regulator Review

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One of the most common scuba diving equipments that the diver requires is the regulator or piston. One of the oldest and the most reliable ones in the market is the Scubapro regulator. The popular balanced and adjustable second stage version of the G250 is back and now it is in a better version with a new design. This piston comes now in a Vintage edition with loads of technical improvements. For those who have used the G250 for years the new G250V is the ultimate solution to their needs. The innovated MK25/G250V Regulator comes with the enhanced features of DIN/INT first stage configuration, balanced piston air flow, anti-freeze resistance, a new VIVA knob for convenient Venturi adjustments even if the diver is wearing thick gloves. The regulator also has a concept cover concept that gives the diver enhanced breathing performance by at least 50%. The makers of this the G250 have worked on this classic product to re-invent it to meet the demands of the modern world. The regulator has been enjoying positive reviews rendered by technical divers worldwide because of its high-end quality and unbeatable performance.

This piston is ideal for technical divers as it gives them unbeatable performance at the size of the G250. Cold water divers have given the verdict that this piston has better anti-freeze resistance. The MK 25 regulator renders unfailing performance and it carries its heritage of patented features that do not fail to disappoint. Manufactured by SCUBAPRO that is the leader of pistons for scuba diving the MK25 has a very consistent and stable performance and is ranked to be a superior regulator.

The regulator is superior because of its facility to render ultra stable pressure that result in a high delivery of air that makes it very punctual. This is perfect for a carefree dive that requires air-flow at any water temperature and instant air-flow. If you are a regular scuba diver you can rely on the benefits of the first stage piston that is reliable and has fewer requirements for maintenance. The piston has fewer parts that move because of a simple and effective mechanism and this is the reason why users rate this piston to be superior when it comes to the high rate of delivery of air in the first stage when controlled.

When it comes to the air balanced flow through the regulator the first stages of the air balanced pistons tend to deliver more air significantly to the next stage better than other first stage ones. The main problem with the others is that their performance is not affected by the tank pressure that changes. With the aid of a balanced piston, the use of light and more sensitive components of air cause ultra fast response to breathing and the immediate delivery of air that is required along with extra flow of air that is quite high in the case of low pressure ranges in tanks. This feature is very good for the tired diver as he/she gets a breathing regulator that is smooth especially at the ascent and the deco stop. The above balanced piston first stage is the first choice of many divers that are hard core scuba diving professionals as it has the potential to perform equally well in cold and warm water environments.

Divers also commend on another positive feature of the MK25 and that it the performance of its two high opposite high pressure ports that enhances the comfort of the diver. The presence of these two opposite high pressure ports permit the individual positioning of the first stage irrespective of the fact on whether it is pointing up or down. This feature is beneficial to the diver who makes an attempt to position the gauges on either the right or left and this in the process allows the diver to get enhanced freedom of head and neck movement.

Another positive feature of the Scubapro MK25/G250V regulator is that it allows the diver to adjust the piston externally to tackle immediate pressure. The regulator also is made of a brass body that is chrome plated and has very good resistance to corrosion that ensures durability.

The diver is also able to get ultimate freedom due to the presence of multiple low pressure ports in the regulator. The arrangement of the low pressure hoses in the MK25 also permits the scope of five high flow ports even when there is a swiveling turret and these hoses provides the diver with a 360 degrees swivel of hoses. There are also high flow ports that tend to deliver about 15% of additional air than the other conventional ports.  The MK25 is one that is best used in warm water and extreme depths. Divers are happy with its comfort and adjustability and they have found that the regulator had helped them to breathe without hassles during the whole dive. Most of the users of the regulator have added that they did not have to make extra efforts to breathe. Hard core divers and professionals recommend the use of this piston to everyone interested in scuba diving. Since the regulator is Nitrox compatible it has the advantages of being suited to the deep depths. The regulator successfully blows the air into the mouth of the diver and the presence of a metal barrel does not make the mouth dry either. There are many divers that have also commended on the looks of the regulator saying that it sports manly looks for the ideal scuba diver.

Regarded as a top piece of equipment for technical divers, there have been positive reviews of divers reaching 40m depth without any kind of breathing hassles. There are many divers that are also happy with the price and this is the reason why they have also rendered top ranks for the product as well. There are many divers that rate the piston as an excellent one. It is highly recommended not only because of its price but because of its features too. It is a value for money buy that does not let you down , the cheapest price for Scubapro MK25/G250V Regulator is 399.95$ at the time of review.

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