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Scuba Diving Vacations in Spain

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Not sure where to go on your next dream dive vacation? Do not think further and head to Spain – the world’s third tourist destination with more than 57 million visitors annually. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Cantabrian Sea and the Mediterranean, Spain offers fantastic opportunities for scuba diving. A combination of cold and warm waters attracts a huge variety of aquatic life, both flora and fauna that come in striking shapes and hues.

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There are numerous dive sites and marine reserves in various locations throughout Spain with the premier scuba diving destinations being Balearic and Canary Islands, as well as Costa Brava on the Mediterranean coast and Marina Del Este, ranked as the finest marine reserve in Spain with awe-inspiring marine life sure to take your breath away. Another popular diving destination is the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Tenerife, offering exciting luminescent night dive opportunities, numerous wrecks, blue holes and an abundance of sea life. In the south of Spain, near the straits of Gibraltar, divers will such diving locations as Granada, Malaga and Cadiz that feature warm waters nearly all year round.

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The Canary Islands

The almost tropical conditions, crystal-clear turquoise waters and the varied marine life found here is what makes Spain’s Canary Islands one of Europe’s top scuba diving destinations. A chain of seven volcanic islands, the Canary Islands are located on the Atlantic Ocean and cover a length of 550 kilometers. All of the islands offer fantastic scuba diving and there are a range of dive centers to choose from. Average visibility is 20 to 30 meters and types of diving include caves, tunnels, sheer walls and wrecks. Expect to see moray eels, garden eels, angel sharks, barracuda, scorpionfish, wrasse, octopus, jacks and other marine habitats. In a nutshell, scuba diving in the Canary Islands is a holiday for everybody.

Many divers visit the Canary Islands each year, taking advantage of the affordable airlines, so when visiting Spain, make sure to look for low cost flights at from more than 400 airlines worldwide.

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Costa Brava

Blessed with a wealth of interesting sites along its rugged coastline and water temperatures varying from 13 degrees in the winter months and up to 24 in the summer, Costa Brava offers diverse diving experiences for divers of all levels, who come to explore its wondrous bays and coves, amazing islands and wrecks, and striking tunnels and walls. Moreover, Costa Brava also includes strictly protected wildlife zones, where, as a result of different ecosystems, a huge array of coral and other submarine flora and fauna can be seen and explored.  The beautiful Medes Islands off L’Estartit (protected since 1990) and the Cap de Creus National Park are some of the highlights of Costa Brava, while the cruel seas have laid wreck for many unfortunate ships over the centuries. An added bonus to Costa Brava is that diving here is relatively inexpensive.

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Scuba diving vacations in Spain are all about fun, adventure and new experiences!

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