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Scuba Diving Spots in Spain

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With over 4000km of sublime, sandy coastline, Spain is a fantastic choice for anyone who loves to be beneath the ocean waves, swimming through vast colourful reefs alongside curious fish. With shores on both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Oceans, Spain’s diving is as varied as its culture and cuisine, making it an exciting place for new as well as advanced divers.

Book flights to Fuerteventura and enjoy a spot of scuba off this volcanic Canary island where you can swap the non-stop party scene for dramatic rock formations and drop–offs which are sure to thrill even the most experience diver. There are plenty of wrecks and reefs concealing a multitude of exotic underwater creatures, from barracudas to eagle rays, in their depths. With great dive centres offering hire of all your scuba clothing and equipment, not to mention water temperatures of 18 to 22 degrees, it’s easy to see why the Canaries are such a popular place to dive.

The Costa Brava is another premier dive destination on the gloriously balmy Mediterranean coast. In particular around the spectacular Illes Medes with their impressive sub-marine nature reserves in the Cap de Creus natural park. There, many a boat has met its fate and now lies beyond help at the bottom of the ocean; a watery museum on the seabed just waiting for the inquisitive diver. From among these wrecks peer inquisitive tuna, sting-rays, angel sharks and jackfish, parrot fish and more.

If you want to go down to Fraggle Rock, head for the Costa del Sol. This dive is great for newly qualified Open Water divers as well as those with many dives under their belt, boasting exciting rocky outcrops, conger eels and scorpion fish not to mention a sunken fishing boat and two cars! Marina Bay offers a shallower dive for those not so confident in deeper waters, but one where octopus, eels and sunfish will still happily come out and greet you.

Tenerife has always been a popular destination for scuba divers, thanks in part to the increasing number of affordable flights to Tenerife. Some of the most popular sites include Abades Cave & Barracuda Point, Abades Cliff and Wreck El Pejin in Tabaiba.

With cheap flights to Spain frequently available, you can explore the country’s fascinating underwater world all year round. The cost of Murcia offers wreck, shore and boat dives and is home to what is considered to be one of the best diving areas in Spain; the Islas Hormigas Marine Park. There, sea breams, groupers, barracudas, jacks, moray eels, eagle rays and octopus and squid all vie for the enthusiastic diver’s attention. Ancient shipwrecks and artefacts line the shores making this a great place to build up your diving skills and experience.

Spain is a dramatic, passionate and exciting destination but the spectacle doesn’t end where the blue waters meet the soft sandy beaches. Whichever part of Spain attracts you most, you can be sure of a dazzling display of aquatic life below the surface of the sea that mirrors the glorious diversity of the country up above.

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  • Nuria said:

    There are good dives in the nort side too. In Galicia, the Atlantic sea gives fresh and exciting experiences.

    For example, the Faro de Mourisca (Vigo), a wreck of an old lighthouse.


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