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Scuba Diving in the Dominican Republic

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Without a doubt one of the best ways to spend a vacation is scuba diving and exploring the beautiful waters of the Caribbean Sea. One of the most exciting places to do this is the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic has luxury resorts, amazing beaches and some of the most welcoming people found on any island in the Caribbean. Offering great dives for beginners to advanced divers, the waters off of the Dominican Republic are some some of the best in the world for scuba diving.

When looking for the best place for Dominican Republic scuba diving many experienced divers head to the northern coast of the island. The area is home to some of the most spectacular resorts in the Dominican Republic. This is saying a lot because Dominican Republic resorts range from great to absolutely amazing. Many resorts in the area offer access to great diving spots with expert and experienced guides.

In the waters off of the northern region of Puerto Plata divers will have access to warm waters and shallow reefs where it is easy to view many of the different tropical fish species. Fish such as Blue Tang, Yellowhead wrasse and Redband parrotfish that inhabit the northern coast reefs are easily spotted by anyone diving in the area. Aside from the fish many other marine life is found throughout the waters off the northern coast, these include several species of mollusks, sponges and other sea creatures. It is also possible to see schools of dolphins and from January to March whales are found in the this area.

There are two types of coral reefs that are found off of the coast of the Dominican Republic. The first is the fringe reef which is connected to the mainland and is easily accessible to snorkelers who can swim from the beach. The other type is the barrier reef found farther offshore. While you can explore the barrier reef using snorkel gear, scuba diving will give you greater access and a much better overview of all the color and beauty of the many different species of living reef that are found on the barrier reef.

Another great feature of Dominican Republic diving is the access to shipwrecks that diving in this area provides. These wrecks range from recent and intentional shipwrecks that are used as artificial reefs to some of the oldest shipwrecks ever discovered in the Caribbean. One of the most popular wrecks to dive is the Astron. Located off the coast of Punta Cana the Astron is a submerged freighter that ran aground off the coast on its way to deliver a shipment of corn to Cuba in 1978. One of the most easily accessible shipwrecks in the Caribbean this is the highlight of many scuba divers who visit the Dominican Republic.

So when considering diving vacation. Scuba diving in Dominican Republic should be at the top of your list. With amazing resorts that offer access to great diving and a culture that is both fascinating and welcoming the Dominican Republic is a great choice.”

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