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Scuba Diving in the Bunaken Marine Park

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The Marine-Park Bunaken, Northern SulaWesi Indonesia

Throughout the last 20 years, thanks to unique and unsurpassed sea bio-life, Manado was recognized as one of the most impressing places of scuba-diving. Fortunately, directly near the Minafasa Lagoon there is an excellent site with remarkable sea creatures, and on the opposite site – the Sea Park Bunaken.

bunaken map

Reefs are a  macro paradise where you can meet fish-frog, fish-stone, the sea serpents, growing up small fishes-zebras, squids, sea eels, octopuses and the tiny sea fads.

Diving centre is PADI certified and is under the control of European diving instructors who are helped by professional guides.

Below we have put up together 8 reasons to spend holidays on resort Minahasa Lagoon:

1. Northern Sulawesi has drawn attention of tourists recently. Local residents accept tourists more like quests, rather than additional source of income. They continue to lead their slow life and are glad for new acquaintances. You will have a possibility to see the local life with your eyes.

2. All year around there is a good weather here (air temperature is 28-30 C, water temperature 27-30C)

3. The Hotel is situated on the coast of Sea Park Bunaken which is in top ten best sites for diving on our planet. On the territory of a little less then 90 hectares more than 2500 spices of fish and 70 kinds of corals are concentrated.

4. Some excellent diving sites are directly situated at the feet of the hotel. To those who are interested in swimming for a while with a mask and a tube, the guides will show the best places for snorkeling (by the way, it is free)

5. You do not need to find equipment. The attentive staff of the hotel will do it for you.

6. The cozy resort feats harmoniously into the traditional architectural landscape, has 15 cottages all in all, which will allow you to spend the holiday alone or in a circle of your friends and to feel free, without being lost among crowds of tourists.

7. The Hotel offers a wide choice of excursion programs, both one-day excursion on the island, and several-day excursion out of the island (Papua Irian Dzaja, island Java, island Kalimantan). Volcanoes, lakes, mountain rivers, waterfalls, local small villages, strange animals and exotic birds, all this is possible to see without leaving from the province of Minahasa.
8. Food is tasty here! You can choose between European, Italian, Asian or Indonesian cuisine. And by the way, this one of the few places of region where you will be offered fresh beer on drought.


  • waitinginthedark said:

    I’ve been diving twice in Bunaken Marine Park and it was really worth the long trip. Never seen such beautiful and marvellous corals and such and incredible biodiversity. I discovered a lot of marine life which I had never seen before: frog fishes, leave fishes, snakes, horsepipes, ghost fishes, and the blue ring octopus, one of the most venenous animals as far as I understood.

    I stayed both times at Siladen Resort, which for me was like paradise! A little resort, with only a few bungalows whose architecture harmonizes with the landscape, beautiful sunsets with the view on the volcan. I particularly appreciated the diving organisation, offering the possibility to do up to 4 dives a day (2 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon and 1 in the evening). As well as the possibility to close te day with a relaxing massage.

    Just a word regarding weather conditions. It’s true that the temperature is always high. However, best months go from April to November, since December-March is the rainy season. well, we all know that seasons are no more what they used to be but… be aware that in winter there is a higer monsoon risk.


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