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Scuba Diving in St. Lucia

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With crystal clear turquoise waters fringed by white sandy beaches, vast stretches of coral reef surrounding the island, amazing underwater life and year round tropical climate, St. Lucia is fast becoming one of the most popular diving holiday destinations in the Caribbean. Watersports are a way of life on this island, where a coastline of rain-forested mountains is frequently interrupted by natural harbors and bays. Many hotels in St. Lucia offer scuba diving facilities and snorkeling equipment, as do a number of independent dive centers.

Diving in St. Lucia

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There are several spectacular diving sites just off St. Lucia, ranging from easy to challenging. And no matter where you’ll plan your dive, keep in mind that it’s strictly forbidden to take away corals and young shell-fish.

The Anse Chastanet Reef makes for an amazing dive 24 hours a day. The site is known for its superb visibility and huge variety of coral and sea creatures. This is also one of the rare places divers can witness the miraculous Coral Spawning, one of mother nature’s most spectacular performances. Another popular dive sites in St. Lucia is the stunning Coral Gardens, offering breathtaking scenery above and beneath the water, where five finger coral comes from a depth of 15-50 feet. For great wall and drift dive Anse La Raye is an ideal spot, and if you are interested wreck diving, do not miss out Lesleen M Shipwreck, a 165-foot freighter that was sunk by the Department of Fisheries in 186 to provide an artificial reef.

St Lucia sea life

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Whatever your tastes in diving, St. Lucia promises a truly fabulous experience. Deciding to visit is just the beginning!

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