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Scuba Diving In Roatan: One Of The World’s Best Kept Secrets

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If you have always wanted to learn how to scuba dive, there are destinations all over the world where you can learn the basics and get you diving with tanks in no time at all. There has never been a better time to get out and dive as there are some fabulous vacations packages available.

Travel to the Blue Hole in Belize which was named one of the top ten diving sites in the world by Jacques Cousteau. Once you learn the ropes you can swim amongst the reef and hammerhead sharks. Another popular site for beginners and advanced divers is Thailand. Head to Phuket, or visit the Surin Islands. Ko Tao is very inexpensive and one of the best places to learn how to dive. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and once you slip on your mask and flippers, you will understand why. Swim with the giant sea turtles and get up close and personal with the largest live coral reef in the world. There are some very affordable diving schools that will have you ready to jump in and enjoy the spectacular deep blue sea. Fernando de Noronha is an extremely popular dive site in South America. Located in Brazil it only allows a few visitors at one time, which means you can enjoy dolphins, turtles and colourful tropical fish without having to share it with everyone else.

If you are looking for travel deals and want to save some money for your scuba lessons consider Honduras. Roatan is one of the most desired scuba diving destinations on the planet. The beautiful white beaches and tropical jungles are one of the best kept secrets in the Caribbean. Even if you are on a tight budget, you can still afford vacation packages in Roatan. Stay in a large resort, or choose a quaint hotel in the village. The beautiful turquoise waters are home to fishing, submarine tours, snorkelling, and of course scuba diving. Get an introductory dive lesson where you will learn the basics. Your instructor will show you how to dive safely so that you can get out and enjoy the reef. After you feel comfortable enough to dive you can go and experience what everyone is talking about. Roatan is the second largest coral reef in the world, and is home to private dive sites where you can explore ship wrecks. Strap on your tanks and descend upon the cargo boar El Aguila. You can swim in and out of the large compartments and marvel at the beautiful tropical fish who call this ship wreck home. Another popular dive takes you through the Prince Albert. This wrecked tanker is 140 feet long and is filled with eel and other fascinating sea creatures.

Wherever you choose to spend your scuba diving vacation, there are plenty of travel deals that will not break the bank. Check out the excellent vacations packages that are available, and get ready for your first dive.

Written by Bernard Prince, who working at travel agency You can also reach him on Facebook and Twitter


  • Lars Hemel said:

    The diving in Roatan is great, but slightly expensive. Those interested in a cheaper alternative should visit Utilla, the second largest island of Honduras with the same amount of diving, the same marine life allthough slightly less impressive. Utilla is more the backpackers variant of Roatan.

  • Richard Wilson said:

    Weather can be a problem in Roatan; I’ve made at least five dive trips there, and twice (in summer and winter) I encountered days on end of rain and rough weather. Underwater, however, it’s as serene as can be, although visibility is sometimes restricted.


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