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Scuba Diving in France

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france-7When speaking about France, one immediately imagines Paris and the Eifel Tower, Notre Dame de Paris and Champs Elysees.

Scuba diving is perhaps the last thing to associate with France. However, surprising it may seem, France has great scuba diving destinations.

Scuba diving has recently gained popularity in France, but has already become one of the most favorite hobbies of the French people. The Mediterranean waters are of great interest to all people. They are home for various fish and sea plants, coral reefs and walls, caverns and wrecks.

Divers from all over the world come to these areas to dive the historical wrecks of WWII. In Southern France the diving area stretches from St Tropez to the Poqurelles. This area is rich in shipwrecks. The latters make this place a real diving destination for an adventure-seeker.

Western France is not rich in historical wrecks but has an abundant marine life instead. It can be a great diving spot for those who want to enjoy their dive in the transparent cold waters, admiring the marine wealth of the area.

This area is a habitat for tunas, Pollack and mackerel. The reefs are beautifully decorated with sea stars and soft coral, thus making incredible scenery for divers.

If you are a certificated diver you can dive Antibes and Juan Les Pins. The latters have much to share with you. The depth of diving ranges from 6 to 60 meters. It is a stunning diving spot with coral reefs and colorful rocks, canyons and small caverns, pinnacles and drop-offs. Octopi, Lobsters, Barracuda, Sunfish, Cuttlefish and Gorgonian Fans are your friendly buddies while diving.


There, you’ll see the statue of Commandant Yves Le Prieur. Yves Le Prieur was the inventor of the first self-governing breathing apparatus. Diving Antibes and Juan Les Pins you’ll also see the vertical walls of L’Enfer de Dante. Just imagine what an interesting excursion you may have in here. The colorful rocks and sponges will make everything appear even brighter.

Visibility often changes here. It ranges from 10 to 30. The same refers to water temperature. The best time for diving is from May to November, when the water temperature rises to 20 degrees.

Diving Antibes is not an easy thing. Those with little diving experience are often deprived of the right to dive here.

La Londe Les Maures has a lot of interesting things to show the divers. The flora and fauna in this area is indeed very rich. The divergence of fish species together with world-famous wrecks, the Donator and the Grec, make this place a desired scuba diving spot in France.

The visibility and water temperature here are the same as in Antibes and Juan Les Pins. No sharp differences. Nudibranches, Dentex, Conger and Moray Eels, Barracuda and Sunfish are the constant inhabitants of this area.


Port Cros Marine Reserve, that starts in La Londe Les Maures, is Europe’s first wildlife reserve. It has been established in 1963, and has been protecting and caring for the marine plants and animals so far.

You should necessarily be a certificated professional diver to be allowed to dive in Port Cros. The authorities and diving organizations do their best to keep the area untouched. The beginners and amateurs are rarely allowed to dive in this area, as they might hurt the treasures of the reserve. Reefs and walls mustn’t be touched, animals mustn’t be hunted. In short, it is a real museum under the water.

Nice, Antibes, Saint Raphael, Sainte Maxime and La Londe are the best diving destinations in the South of France. These destinations stand out for good visibility and warm weather. Here competitions of underwater photography and videography are often being held. Besides, there is a festival of underwater photography and videography in Antibes at the end of October each year.


There are scuba diving organizations in France that organize scuba diving trainings for beginners and adventurous underwater trips for certificated divers. There are also diving centers that organize underwater excursions for those, who don’t even know swimming.

As you see, France is not simply a land full of monuments and Gothic architecture. It is also a place, where one can spend a very interesting and joyful active vacation. Scuba diving, the sport of the mad, has attracted the aristocratic nation too.

Whenever you get tired of warm tropical waters and sandy bottoms, go to France and scuba dive in the waters of the Mediterranean.

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