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Scuba Diving in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica, located off the coast of Pacific Ocean in Central America, can be tagged as one of the world’s most admired and sought after place for vacationing in Central America. Enriched with its rich Eco-Diversity in terms of climate, topography, flora and fauna, this place can be labeled as a tourist’s dream. The presence of sultry beaches, rain forests and the ever brilliant cloud forests supports the idea of being a perfect vacationing spot. Hundreds of species of animals and the birds are a treasure to this country. Apart from that, this place is also supportive for various fun related activities like Scuba Diving. Another noteworthy fact is that this place has an abundant connectivity to the outside world. Also the tourists have the privilege of staying in various well managed hotels and rented houses, which are available in abundance, in accordance to one’s convenience and choice.


This activity, namely Scuba Diving, offers an altogether rich experience to the visitors due to the presence of rich aquatic life in the Caribbean Sea and the pacific side. The primary spot of this activity is at the western coast of Pacific Ocean. Although it is little discovered and still uncrowded, the Scuba divers travel here from all parts of the world to see thousands of hammerhead sharks and enormous schools of innumerable fish in tropical, plankton rich water. The waters offshore also teem with marine life. The conditions are very conducive for this activity. The waters are generally calm and very transparent here. The best time for the same purpose is September-November. The main areas for this activity are Isla del Cano, northern province of Guanacaste. The popularity of the Guanacaste region is its proximity to some of the country’s best terrestrial and aquatic ecotourism. Sites, such as Rincon de la Vieja Volcano, Monteverde Cloud Forest, and several national parks, feature abundant wildlife and excitement making this area a great destination for divers and non-divers. Canoeing and kayaking are the other best low impact ways to enjoy these amazing areas and sea kayak and canoe tours are designed with an educative emphasis that seeks to assure preservation of the environment for years to come. The warm, rushing rivers which sweep through Costa Rica’s lush countryside offer world class white water rafting. But still, this place is more inclined towards the activity of Scuba Diving.

Scuba diving in costa rica

Deep Blue Diving is another popular diving site located on the main street of Playas del Coco on the Gulf of Papagayo. This gulf, widely recognized as the premiere diving destination in Costa Rica with its sun swept beaches and rocky offshore islands, is an area that offers a variety of diving adventures for all levels of scuba divers. The diving on volcanic pinnacles offers white-tipped reef sharks, bull sharks, giant Manta Rays, eagle rays, diamond stingrays, octopus, and huge schools of tropical fish. The rich waters of Costa Rica provide a habitat for a large variety of marine life from the large pelagic to the delicate nudibranchs. With over 40 dive sites from which to choose, the place offers such a treat which the divers can only dream about. In one word, abundant Humpback, sei, pilot, and false killer whales, over five species of dolphin, white tipped reef sharks, bull sharks, giant pacific manta rays, mobula rays, southern sting rays, spotted eagle rays, green sea turtles, snappers, king angels, moorish idols, trumpet fish, scorpion fish, various types of eels, spiny lobster, octopus, huge schools of barracuda, jacks, grunts, and much more are available for the Divers.

Costa Rican water temperature ranges from 21 to 29 C (70 to 85 F). The dry season runs from November to May but can be very windy. From June to November is the rainy season when hammerhead sharks are more frequent. May is a good time to go as it not too windy or wet. The average depth is 15- 100 ft and average visibility is 30 -90 ft approximately. This place with all its features and life is a must visit place for the Scuba diving. Divers, please note….

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  • Bill Beard said:

    Marine life in Costa Rica is what keeps divers returning year after year. From Cocos Islands to Gulf Of Papagayo and Isle del Cano, it just doesn’t get any better


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