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Scuba Diving Disaster in Boracay Island, Philippines

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Scuba diving is known to be a safe water sport but sometimes various accidents can happen that may even bring to fatalities. Sometimes divers are attacked by sharks, sometimes they are not so professional and don’t have enough knowledge to know how to behave during the diving.

The accident that happened on January 24 in the Boracay Island, Philippines doesn’t have any connection to the above mentioned things but the fact is that the 28-year old Swiss national Martia Josefina Elsehner is no longer alive.

According to the local police officials report, the victim was diving with her fiancé and three friends at a fine dive site in Manoc Manoc Village. Oliver Keller, her fiancé was with her when Elsehner complained of stomachache. The group immediately suspended the activities and took her to the nearest Boracay District Hospital, where, after some time, the doctors pronounced Elsehner dead.

Nobody knows the true reason why the girl died, but to avoid being suspected of foul play, Keller requested for an autopsy. Elsehner’s body is laid in a nearby funeral home.

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