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Scuba Diving Courses ( OWD ) – Online !!!

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Scuba Schools International (SSI)  the leading certifying agency and the company which supporting business-diving centers, proudly announced the launch of the revolutionary new program, which is unique in dive industry.

I’m talking about SSI Online Training , probably you’ll ask What is it ??. Read further and you’ll see

Scuba Schooles International

One of the main reasons that prevent people from diving classes  is the fear from the unknown. «What if I’ll not like it? Maybe diving is not suitable for me? »- And because of doubts  overwhelming majority prefer to devote their time and resources to more accustomed hobbies.

With the new SSI program everything is much easier. You do not risk anything, to find out about diving! All you need to start  is a computer and Internet access.

Interactive program with clear instructions, beautiful photographs, flash animations and avatars  will make your first meeting with the diving enjoyable and fascinating.
If you want to continue!  you’ll ask
Q. How does it work?
A. Everything is simple, just one-two-three!
1. You need register on the site and get a login and password to access the service.
2. You are in free mode learning theory course SSI Open Water Diver. To study you’ll be offered six sections, each of which ends with questions for review. After answering all the questions you’ll proceed to the next section. Once passed the theoretical program, you will be waiting for an electronic exam. Passed? Congratulations!   Do not waste your time – …
3.  … you are being awaited in any SSI club! Select from the list of 2400 clubs around the world and finish your study at any time convenient for you.

Never before diving lessons were not as accessible as now!

Q. What  benefits should i expect?
A. You’ll receive a portion of their own knowledge about scuba-diving  totally FREE.

The principle of home study is convenient, interesting and interactive.
Easy navigation – very easy to understand even for beginners.
It can be integrated with traditional teaching.
You do not have to pay twice – first for the online training, and then in the club. You pay only for services in your desired diving center!

Q. So you’re telling that it is possible to become scuba diver  through the Internet?
A. No, to become an independent diver you’ll need to develop necessary skills in the pool and in open water with a professional instructor.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. SSI’s online training absolutely free, you pay only for services in diving center.

Evaluate the new SSI – SSI try online course today!

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