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Scuba Divers in Search of Survivors of Costa Concordia

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On January 13 a tragedy made all the people of the world concentrate on the Italian Costa Concordia ship. The ship, which had 4,200 passengers, including the staff, went down near the island of Giglio in the Tyrrhenian Sea late at night, taking many people’s lives.

Just after the disaster, many Italian scuba divers began the underwater search and rescue work. They evacuated over four thousand passengers and crew aboard, but still there are many missing. On Tuesday, Cristiano Pellegrini announced that 5 more corpses were found in the stern of the wreck, but the divers could not say if they were passengers or members of the crew.

In order to take these bodies, scuba divers used explosives to blow holes in the ship to enter and look for possible survivors or bodies.

The continuing day and night quests give us a hope that the divers’ work will not be in vain and the missing people will be found.

The divers do their best in exploring the territory and finding useful information that will help experts learn exactly what exactly happened.

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