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Safety Warning to Avoid Scuba Deaths

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Warrnambool police are truly worried about scuba deaths and that’s why they call for scuba divers to take extra care especially while diving alone. The reason for this was a man’s death near Peterborough on Saturday. The 42-year-old man disappeared when he was diving off Cross Bay Beach at Peterborough. Then his friends found him in the water and it was impossible to revive him. A report was prepared for the coroner. Later it turned out that the man was diving alone though he had met his two friends before entering the water.

Acting Sergeant Cameron Ross says that divers must be very careful to avoid dangers while diving alone; and asks all the divers to be very attentive and make sure that all the equipment is working perfectly. Moreover, if someone wants to go to dive alone, he/she should let at least one know where he is going to dive and contact him before and after that.

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