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Russian Wife -born ex-wife of Kelantans Sultan Muhammad V on

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russian wife

Sultan of Kelantan Muhammad V (appropriate) and also his ex-wife Rihana Oxana Gorbatenko. ( Photo: Instagram/rihannapetra).
( Updated: 22 Jul 2019 07:54 PM).
KUALA LUMPUR: The russian wife -born ex-wife of Kelantan’s Sultan Muhammad V on Monday (Jul 22) gave thanks to Malaysians for their assistance as well as compassion, after headlines of their separation was actually validated at the weekend break.

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In an Instagram message to denote 2 months given that the childbirth of her lad, past model Rihana Oxana Gorbatenko performed certainly not deal with the separation especially.

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However, she shared thankfulness to folks coming from around the planet for their “kind as well as cozy characters”.

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View this column on Instagram Saya sedang menulis dan saya tidak dapat menahan sky mata dari mengalir … dan saya rasa tidak perlu untuk menahannya, kerana ia adalah tangisan kegembiraan dan kesyukuran! Saya masih tidak percaya yang saya menerima bergitu banyak mesej yang baik daripada anda semua. Daripada seluruh pelusuk dunia! Dan sudah tentu saya mahu beritahu kepada semua rakyat Malaysia: anda semua berjiwa besar, kerana menerima dan menyokong saya – seorang wanita dari negara asing dan membesar dengan budaya berbeza. Saya sangat bangga darah Malaysia mengalir dalam anak saya dan saya akan lakukan apa sahaja untuk dia membesar selayaknya dengan kasih anda semua. Dalam hidup saya, saya terpaksa menghadapi pelbagai jenis kejahatan, tipu daya dan hasad dengki. Tetapi anda meyakinkan saya bahawa masih ada kebaikan di dunia ini. Kalaulah saya berpeluang, saya mahu memeluk anda semua dengan kegembiraan. Sokongan dan dorongan anda semua amat berharga bagi saya. Mesej masuk tidak henti-henti, saya akan terus berkongsi kisah hidup saya dengan ikhlas dan jujur. Semoga Allah memberkati anda semua, kawan-kawanku! P.S. Hari ini genap 2 bulan umur Leon. Terus membesar dan bahagia si cilik duniaku. ❤

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A blog post discussed byRihana Oksana Petra (@rihanapetra) on Jul 21, 2019 at 4:33 pm PDT

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She composed: “I wish to talk people coming from Malaysia: You possess huge cardiovascular systems since you approved and also sustained me- a female that was actually endured in yet another nation as well as expanded in a various lifestyle.

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“I am actually therefore honored that Malaysian blood stream streams in the blood vessels of my child as well as I will certainly perform whatever for him to develop deserving of your passion.”


She incorporated: “In my lifestyle, I need to deal with a bunch of malignance, aspersion and also rivalry. Yet you encourage me that there is actually a still a great deal of compassion left behind worldwide.”


Microsoft Rihana claimed she will certainly always keep discussing on social networking sites in an “sincere and also free discussion”. She has actually generated greater than 420,000 fans on Instagram.

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On Saturday, the sultan’s legal representative claimed that the 49-year-old leader ” irrevocably separated” Microsoft Rihana through 3 Talaqs on Jun 22.

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The breakup was actually carried out in face of pair of proficient Muslim witnesses as well as based on Syariah legislations, Mr Koh Tien Hua of Eversheds Harry Elias LLP stated in a declaration.

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The legal representative will certainly not talk about where the separation occurred.

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“The Kelantan Syariah Court has actually released a Divorce Certificate courted 1 July 2019 according to the Islamic Family Law Enactment 2002,” the declaration claimed.

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According to Islamic rule, 3 Talaqs is actually performed when the breakup announcement is actually redoed 3 opportunities due to the spouse.

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It is actually the hubby’s right to diffuse the relationship through just revealing to his russian wife that he revokes her. The partner carries out certainly not call for court authorization. He additionally performs certainly not need to have to deliver an explanation.

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The Kelantan royal residence has actually certainly not talked about the separation or even the relationship, regardless of numerous media rumors previously presenting confidential resources.

Mr Koh claimed that Microsoft Rihana has actually been actually notified of the breakup through her russian wife legal representative.

The previous Malaysian King supposedly wed the previous model in 2013. Microsoft Rihana is actually claimed to have actually brought to life a youngster in May.

Mr Koh incorporated: “There is actually no unprejudiced proof yet concerning the natural father of the youngster.

“On account of HRH Sultan Muhammad V, our experts inquired that his personal privacy be actually valued.”

In January, Sultan Muhammad V, in an extraordinary action, walked out as Malaysia’s master.

His unpredicted step induced a vote-casting with the royals. Under the nation’s absolute monarchy, among the 9 Malay leaders or even sultans are going to go up the government seat to come to be the master for a five-year phrase.

Pahang’s Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah was actually chosen as master.

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