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Plan Your Next Scuba Vacation in Fort Lauderdale

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When most people think of the Fort Lauderdale in Florida, they imagine great beaches, casinos, chic restaurants with terrific dining experiences, night clubs and fantastic inland waterways. But Fort Lauderdale is much more than this. It is flowing with water-based activities and offers great scuba diving opportunities with excellent visibility, warm water temperatures and no end to the dive season.

From Deerfield Beach in the north to Hallandale Beach in the south, a unique natural three-tiered reef system begins in 20 feet of water, with more than 75 artificial reefs placed on the oceans floor over the past 20 years as magnets for fish and reef life. What more, the Fort Lauderdale coast is one of the world’s premier wreck diving destinations with over 50 shipwrecks in 23 miles, which make it the ‘Wreck Capitol of Florida.’

Beginning in depths of 30 feet, there are more than 100 dive sites in Fort Lauderdale, perfect for all levels of divers. Shore diving, wreck diving and drift diving are all popular options for diving fans, allowing them to discover underwater world with its amazing diversity of aquatic life.

Some of the most spectacular dive sites in Fort Lauderdale include:

Anglin’s Pier Reef

One of the best dive sites in Fort Lauderdale that runs parallel to the shoreline north and south, Anglin’s Pier Reef is loaded with pastel-colored coral and rock formations and amazing marine habitats. Perfect for open water divers, the dive site offers an excellent selection of bait and bottom fish, along with sportfish, barracuda, jacks, chub, yellowtail and mackerel. Caribbean reef sharks are sighted here on occasion.

Wreck of the Jay Scutti

At the center of this artificial reef is the jay Scutti, a 95 foot Aruba harbor tugboat purchased by Dale Scutti and donated to the Broward County’s Artificial Reef Program in order to be sunk approximately one mile from Fort Lauderdale in memory of his son, Jay, who was a keen scuba diver. The area is alive with colorful fish and good visibility, so there will be plenty to see and explore. In the area divers will also find two other wrecks, the Moonshot, only 120 feet from the bow of the Scutti, and the Pride, only 150 feet from the stern of the Scutti, both with lots of marine life.

Tenneco Towers

Another popular dive site in Fort Lauderdale and the largest artificial reef in Southeast Florida, Teneco Towers was created in 1985, when the Tenneco Oil Company sank five large sections of oil production platforms. These oil rigs, which once were used in the Gulf of Mexico for gas and oil exploration, were placed at various depths in a line running east to west. Open water divers can access the first three towers, but leave the last two for the more advanced divers with deep water certifications. The area teems with sea life and such habitats as oysters, clams, sponges and the associated invertebrates are abundant.

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