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Omer Olympia Mask

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Omer Olympia Mask

Omer Olympia MaskA diving mask is diving equipment that allows scuba divers and swimmers to see clearly underwater. These masks provide for an air space in front of the eyes, enabling light to enter normally so that the human eye can focus correctly. Depending on depth and clarity of water all sunlight is blocked eventually as the diver goes in more depth and then the diver has to rely on artificial light sources to see underwater.

Omer Olympia mask is an outstanding mask recommended by most of the divers and swimmers due to its lightweight frame, expanded field of vision and low profile shape which offers a comfortable and reliable fit for every diver possible. Its easily adjustable straps and integrated swivel buckles make it comfortable for divers to adjust these with accordance to their comfort. Moreover its silicon skirt ensures its durability and comfort for years to come.


• Ultra violet Light protection
• Available with different Diopter strengths.
• Warranty period of 1 year.
• Available in four colors: Ocean mimetic, mimetic med, mimetic brown and all black.

Omer Olympia mask provides a clear view regardless of environmental conditions because of its dual tempered glass lenses and injected double lip skirt. Additionally its tempered glass lenses prevent fogging, distortion and minimize scratching. It has easy to access pocket for single handed equalizing and a soft silicone skirt and broad view ring to provide excellent waterproofing and 180 degree visibility. Its Low profile eliminates the drag experienced by other swimming masks and its locking teeth on the strap ensure secure fitting and the tangle free pad stays secure and incredibly streamlined fit.

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