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Oceanic Hera Womens BC

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If you are a female scuba diver you can go in for the Oceanic Hera Woman’s BC that is one of the best and gorgeous BC available in the market today. This BC is one that has been made keeping the female in mind and this is the reason why it is comfortable and fitting. The BC is one that has been designed with female friendly features with the objective to fir perfectly around the female form. There are ample adjustments that can be made to the equipment to make the BC fit snugly without tampering with the functionality and the utility of the BC. Female scuba divers have reported that this BC is one of the best and the most comfortable one that has been made and when it comes to selecting a BC this is the first and obvious choice of millions of female divers across the world.

"Womens BC"

The Hybrid bladder of the BC is one that provides you with the combination of rear inflation and jacket style BC’s. The patent custom fit of the BC is one that provides you with multi-shoulder straps so that you do not face any problems when in water. The BC is such that has been designed to fit any woman irrespective of her size or shape. The BC is one that also has the benefits of the QLR Integrated Weight System. This system accommodates about 20 lbs in addition to 5 lbs dual rear weight pouches for helping the diver in water positioning. The weight pockets in the BC are loaded in a position that is at a slight down angle to help in self loading. The BC is also contoured in the right places to give extreme comfort to the female. The back pack that is padded also has reinforced shoulders along with an adjustable sternum strap that ensures that the wearer gets comfort and stability. The female also gets the benefits of the instrument retractor sleeve and the Spinner BC knife mount.

This belt has been designed after an extensive survey and research conducted by over 300 scuba divers. This has given rise to the specific design that now exists. The BC does not look like a male BC and at the same time is rough and rugged to handle all the pressures of the water with ease. It provides the female with diving equipment that ensures that she gets the full comfort no matter how deep it is. The integrated inflator is one that has an ergonomically designed and this is the reason why it is functional and provides immense utility to the female. There is a button that can be pressed and you can produce the exact amount of airflow that you require when you are diving. With the aid of this unique feature the diver gets the maximum amount of buoyancy that is required for the water. This gives the diver more control when swimming through ascents. In this manner the diver can get the ultimate comfort without hassles.

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