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28-Years-Old Man Lost While Diving in Hawaii

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Blessed with crystal-clear turquoise waters rich in amazing marine life, Hawaii is one of the world’s top tourist destinations, with emphasis on sunshine and outdoor activities, including diving – an adventurous water sport that never fails to entice holidaymakers of all ages. And though many experts ensure that this is one of the safest water sports, sometimes it’s impossible to avoid fatalities and accidents. Such was the case of 28-years-old Matthew Curly who was vacationing with his family in the picture-perfect island of Hawaii.

It was Monday morning, on August 29, when Matt was scuba diving with a commercial tour group to explore the so-called sunken wreck ‘Baby Barge’ off south Oahu (some 65 to 80 feet below water), which is known as a tranquil and peaceful place to dive with lots of coral. When the dive ended, unfortunately he was not accounted for.

On Tuesday, a single fin was found, which, according to the tour group, was the same type and size that Curly was using. The Coast Guard with its helicopters and boats searched around a thousand miles south of Oahu to find the missing man, but decided to suspend his search on Wednesday.

Yet, the Honolulu Fire Department continues the search for Matthew Curly, hoping to find him on the shore where the diver may have been pulled by strong swells. What happened with Matt — no one knows for sure. But let’s pray for him and hope that he will be found dead or alive.

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