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Montreal Diving School of Quebec Gets PADI Green Star Award

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The team of PADI dive masters and scuba diving instructors at Total-Diving – Montreal, a PADI Career Development Center located in Quebec, Canada is proud of being the first to receive the PADI Green Star Award in honor of their ‘dedication to environmentally-responsible business practices and commitment to conservation of marine life.’

Darcy Kieran, a PADI Course Director and President of Total Diving, takes it as an encouragement, which will allow to continue their hardworking programs and traditions of teaching and practicing scuba diving activities.

About The PADI Green Star Award

The PADI Green Star Award is given to those PADI dive centers and resorts, which pay much attention to the following range of business functions that includes (but does not limit): water conservation; energy use; conservation leadership; optimized waste management; use of sustainable materials; paperless interactions with their PADI Regional Headquarters and more.

Talking about the school that received this award, it’s worth mentioning that the Montreal-based scuba dive shop and scuba school have been providing goods and services to scuba diving and freediving fans since 1975. The founder of the school is Bill Waddell and the enterprise is now owned by Darcy Kieran who is an industrial engineer.

Since 2000, Darcy Kieran has been training recreational scuba diving instructors in Montreal and has been instructor trainer for TecRec technical diving courses.

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