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Mar-Sub Club To Clean Lake Jarun

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It’s always nice and pleasant to dive in clean crystal-clear blue waters, but have you ever thought:  ‘Who cleans it for you?’ Today’s news is about the scuba diving club from Zagreb, called Mar-Sub that has organized the cleaning of Jarun for 17 years so far. Jarun is a popular lake in Croatia, formed by the Sava River, which is the location of a sport and leisure center, Jarun, where year-round people indulge in a myriad of activities, including paddling, sailing, surfing, swimming, diving and more.

To celebrate World Water Day, more than 50 divers will participate in the cleaning of the lake, which takes place on the 24th of March, to make searches and look for all of kinds of waste. So, let’s appreciate these kind-hearted people, who will do their best in making Jarun a clean and enjoyable place.

Goran Hudoklin from Mar-Sub club said that in previous years they had found bicycles, various vessels, plastics, and even scuba diving equipment, also mentioning an important fact that year after year people are becoming more and more attentive and friendly to the Nature trying to keep it clean.

There are many people not only from Zagreb but also from Croatia, Pozega and other Slovenian colleagues. Hereby, it’s very nice to see that this action includes other countries and becomes international.

After the action, the whole stuff found in water is going to be exhibited, so the day is going to be productive and full of fun.

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