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Kim Tae Got Scuba Diving License

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It seems there is nothing that can keep Kim Tae Hee away from planning her recreation; she has now made up her mind to scuba dive. Recently, a photo of Kim appeared on an online community website with the heading “Even Kim Tae Hee’s license photo is perfect”. What we clearly see in the picture is Kim’s scuba diving license stuck right on her celebratory cake.

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On June 4, Kim Tae announced that she had got a scuba diving license in Jeju Island some time ago. Her statement one more time proves that the photo wasn’t a joke but a truth and now Kim Tae can truly indulge in exploring the majestic underwater world. There were a lot of comments under the photo such as “What can’t she do?” or “I can’t take my eyes off of the photo on the license” and ‘She’ll become the Little Mermaid.’ I wonder, what the next surprise of Kim will be!

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