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Headaches during / after scuba diving

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From time to time in all cases minor headaches may occur during scuba diving, but what if every time you go to the surface with a headache? In this case you’ll have to look for the reasons and they can be many.

Continuous dull pain behind the head is often linked with problems of the neck: For example, if the container is attached too high on the jacket, you’ll probably have to whimsically twist neck not to knock head on the valve. Acute pain over, under and behind the eyes is likely due to compression of sinuses, possibly as a side effect of the cold water. Unsuccessful attempt to fix the mask may cause headaches, as well as the preserver of eyes with blood and bleeding from the nose. Too much tightening the belt on the mask can also “earn” a headache for you.

Cold water may be the main guilty of your headache. Head freezes more quickly than other parts of the body, because many vessels are just under the skin and they are not protected with fat layer as in other parts of our body.

Even if caffeine and tobacco usually do not produce a headache, under the water situation is quite different: the pressure with depth is increasing and it’s also increase the impact of many drugs. Another cause of headaches may be the dehydration of organism.

A more serious cause of pain could be a carbon dioxide poisoning. It’s possible that you’ll have swim very fast and thus your breathing will become more frequent. Rapid short breathes basically saving the “dead” air, in other words not removing the carbon dioxide. If you have to work hard (waste of energy), it is important to ensure that you maintain your deep breath.

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