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HD WAVE – Aquatica’s first underwater box

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The Canadian company Aquatica, known before this season for their boxes of video and digital cameras, has just announced their first model range of (and in its history) underwater box HD WAVE for Camcorders Sony HDR-SR11/12 and the new Sony HDR-XR500V/520V HD.

aquatica hd wave

New boxing is compiled in such a way that a large 3.2 inch display camera during shooting is opened at an angle of 30 degrees. Also, all the main control buttons sticked out (including the virtual buttons on touchscreen), including manual white balance, which is especially useful in conjunction with the built-in red box sink filter.

aquatica hd wave

A full description will appear soon on the producer’s site, and here is the limited information for those who can not wait.

Constructive boxing – milled aluminum billet (as for all photo-boxes Aquatica). Boxing anodize surface and covered with a solid polyurethane powder (like coating manufacturers like military equipment) to protect against corrosion and other external influences. Boxing with the camera balanced to maintain buoyancy, close to neutral. All the mechanical part is made of stainless steel.

aquatica hd wave

Under the water the operator can control the following functions:

– On / Off.
– Record / Stop.
– Photo.
– Zoom.
– Button «Home» (touchsceen).
– Macro (touchsceen)
– White Balance (touchsceen)

– Management focus, exposure, white balance shift.
– Slow-Motion (touchsceen)

Additional features:

Built (sink) filter compensation blue water.
LED alarm flooding.
Bayonet mount system ports.

1. The standard home-port, optically corrected, that would give a picture of 1:1 without distortion.
2. Flat port for macro lovers – permits zoom until it stops.
3. Wide port, giving a 90 ° angle on a broad review of (perhaps partial zoom).

Dimensions: G17.7sm x V12.2sm x SH24 (37cm with the holders).

Fully equipped weight (with the camera, battery and a standard port) on the surface: 7.5kg. In seawater: a slightly negative buoyancy.

Operating depth: 90m.

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  • Ken Lee said:

    Hi Aquatica sales personnel. Ken here from Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Saw your Sony Hdr-xr520 housing. Love it. Need to know the price and charges for delivery to Malaysia. Payment method too if possible. Thanks. Regards.

    Ken Lee

  • Diverdude (Author) said:

    Hey Ken please use these details for more information

    Tel: 514 737-9481
    Fax: 514 737-7685

  • mark said:

    was wonder do you have a link to a demo video of the hd wave thanks looking to buy asp


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