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Giant poisonous jellyfish to attack Japanese waters

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Japanese waters are expected to be attacked by giant poisonous jellyfish, experts say.

Nomura’s jellyfish is one of the biggest jellyfish in the world with a size up to 2 meters wide and weigh as much as 200 kilograms. It is considered thr most dangerous due to its toxic stings, which usually are for crustaceans or other small marine life creatures, but humans can also suffer and scuba divers are in the top of that list.

giant jellyfish

Jellyfish invasions are not strange with its nature but unusual is its frequency compared to records done before (every 40 years nearly).

It is difficult to guess why the invasions have become so frequent in recent decades. Biological oceanographer Shin-ichi Uye of Hiroshima University told National Geographic that while the outbreaks can be predicted, they can’t be controlled. They are like typhoons, he told them. Giant jellyfish typhoons.

It is known that jellyfish devote their full energy to breeding only when they are in poor health or are injured and on the contrary spend all their time feeding when they are in good health.

Regardless of the cause of the invasion, the biggest casualty of the jellyfish attack will assuredly be the Japanese fishing industry and of course scuba diving activity.

Though despite the nefarious news, hopefully researchers will take the invasion as an opportunity to learn more about these mysterious, majestic creatures of which so little is known.




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