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Germany’s Recommended Spots for Scuba Diving Aficionados

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At first impression, Germany would seem to be a land-locked country and not quite a location for those looking for scuba diving attractions. The Deutsch country is, however, lush in inland water forms which is very suitable for fresh water diving adventures. So aside from the rich night life and grand casino entertainments you can find in Berlin and Munich, the country offers many accommodations near the sought-after dive spots like Lake Konstanz, Bavaria and more. A plus factor would be that you can still enjoy casino and card game entertainment even when staying in such remote places away from the nightlife capitals of the country if you intend to enjoy the best of both worlds.


Just The Right Type of Lodging
With just a few searches in Google, you’ll find accommodations from budget-friendly to high-class as you go on your fresh water diving excursion. Sites like gives you detailed descriptions of well-reviewed and recommended hotels that are near the diving spots and also offer relaxing social leisures from casinos to concert halls. Radisson Blu Hotel in St. Gallen in the area of Lake Konstanz offers a suburban atmosphere with a casino on sight plus relaxing amenities like fitness gyms and saunas. Such a hotel, along with others like Hotel Säntispark, Hotel Goldener Sternen and Stadthotel are above-average resting places that even offer free Wi-Fi, a welcoming incentive for those who are diving enthusiasts but are also online gaming followers. . With these types of amenities, you get to enjoy deep water escapades as well as poker games right after a day of adventure, for a complete stress-free experience.

The Recommended Dive Sites
If you plan to be adventurous and to find out for yourself what dive spots would be good for you, offers a long enumeration of dive sites in Germany. According to, “Germany, in central Europe, is full of great lakes and rivers that are popular dive sites as well as a small coastal region bordering the North and Baltic Seas. The best diving happens at the very south or very north of Germany.” The Lakes of Bavaria, Lake Konstanz, Constance or Bodensee, and also the Baltic Sea are some of the most recommended diving regions in the country. In Bavaria, “Lake Walchen is a fresh water spot with a couple of sites of ice diving” as recommended by There are 12 beautiful dive sites, with Steinberger as good for beginners, while the rest requires a guided tour and experience in altitude and buoyancy. Bodensee or Lake Constance (Konstanz) is shared by Germany, Switzerland and Austria. There are 20 different sites here offering wrecks, wall dives and drift dives. The location is only accessible in the summer from June to September. Lastly, the Baltic Sea offers an ocean and river scuba experience. eDiving states, “The Baltic Sea is famous for its wreck dives, mussel banks, seaweed meadows, fields of starfish, flat fish, eel and cod.”

Germany offers a unique and diverse escapade for any type of adventurer. As you plan your trip, SurfaceWatch offers this valuable tip: “Be aware that German law requires all divers to have a valid medical certificate before diving.”

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