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Fantastic Diving in the Florida Keys

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An archipelago of about 1,700 islands in the farthest southeast portion of the United States, the Florida Keys makes up for a great diving destination with a variety of dive sites, including wreck diving, reef diving and artificial reef diving to suit different skill levels from beginner to advanced. The islands are surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other, so you can imagine what a wonderful world awaits divers beneath the waters!

Diving the  FLorida Keys

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The best diving is found in the Key Largo, the first island south of the Florida mainland known as the ‘Diving Capital of the World,’ where the living coral reef a few miles offshore attracts thousands of scuba divers and sport fishing enthusiasts. Diving in Key Largo will bring you very close to extensive coral reefs, artificial wrecks, ledges, walls and centuries-old shipwrecks, all in depths ranging from 18 to 120 feet. Divers can take fantastic underwater photos of the abundance of sea life in Key Largo to take home to show their friends.

Another wonderful place for scuba diving and snorkeling is the Key West Marine Park, a unique spot for encountering barracudas, spotted morays and horse eye jacks. After exploring this little paradise, head south of Key West, to dive in the Marquesas Keys – a circle of 10 mangrove and sand islands with shallow water and a coral reef for exploration.

The Florida Keys

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Other popular dive sites in the Florida Keys include: Crocker Ridges, known for angelfish and butterflies; Davis Reef – one of the nicest in the area, noted for its wealth of large green moral eels, and a multitude of tropical fish; Conch Wall, where you can encounter huge barrel sponges and large marine life; and Davey Crocker, a beautiful patch reef perfect for underwater photography.

If you have always wanted to get acquainted with this adventurous water sport in the Keys, get your PADI, SSI or Naui certification; be sure to find many dive shops with facilities, dive instructors and dive masters ready and well equipped to train you from beginner classes to instructor courses. Wish you a good diving holiday in the awe-inspiring Florida Keys.

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