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Fantastic Dive to Namena Marine Park

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The joy of diving in the fascinating islands of Fiji is in its crystal-clear turquoise warm waters, fantastic marine life and easy access to the sites. From this point, the awe-inspiring Namena Marine Park, found in the Namena Island, is no exception with some of the best diving in Fiji.

Located between the 2 main islands of Fiji, to the southeast of Savusavu and the northwest of Koro Island, this paradisiacal getaway is a truly majestic hotspot for diving enthusiasts, surrounded by a vast expanse of transparent coral reef, known as the Namena Barrier Reef and boasting rich marine life with over a thousand species of invertebrates, four hundred known corals and over four hundred documented marine plants. Namena is also a migratory pathway for whale species, including bottlenose and spinner dolphins, as well as minke, pilot and humpbacks.

One of the best sites around the park is Chimneys with water temperatures hovering between 20°C and 29°C and visibility 10 to 25 meters. Here you will surely be amazed by the kaleidoscope of color and multitude of amazing marine life, returning home with memories and the desire to return.

Namena also provides nesting beaches for green and hawksbill turtles. Moreover, it’s a major seabird nesting site, with about 600 pairs of protected red-footed boobies.

A number of luxurious resorts and other private bed and breakfast are found in the vicinity of the park, offering quality accommodation and modern facilities to make your stay a pleasant experience.

The fee to the marine park is about $14, which remains valid until the 31st December on the year of purchase.

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