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Enjoy Scuba Diving in Puerto Rico

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For centuries, travelers have known about Puerto Rico, a slice of paradise, which has long been a connecting point to all areas of the Caribbean. With the continental shelf surrounding it on three sides, the picturesque Puerto Rico is endowed with warm and crystal-clear waters, an abundance of pristine reefs and spectacular walls, intriguing caverns and mangrove-topped cays teeming with lively coral and a rich diversity of sea life from eels, barracuda, jacks, nurse sharks and sardines to trumpetfish, humpback whales, dolphins and flounders.

There are countless scuba diving sites in Puerto Rico including Culebra, Mona Island, Vieques and the Spanish Virgin Islands. The best diving is off the island’s south, east and western coasts, where the visibility approaches to 30 meters.

Explore the beauty of the Caribbean down below the waters of the Isla de Vieqeus, where there are bountiful diving locations, including Anchor Reef, Blue Tang Reef, Esperanza Pier, La Lanchita and others, offering fantastic diving found in few places on the globe.

A popular weekend tourist destination, the island of Culebra features over 50 dive sites, offering excellent cave diving and shipwreck diving, as well as endless coral reefs, where you can swim with colorful fish and other marine habitats. The Geniqui Caves gives professional divers the opportunity to explore majestic underwater tunnels and at the same time admire a unique marine vista by lamplight.

Mona Island, renowned for its pirate tales, is a true haven for nature lovers with waters home to unspoiled coral reefs found at depths of around 80 feet. Off the west coast of the island is the Mona Channel a hotspot for dolphins and whales between November and May.

The diving environment in each area has unique characteristics, giving Puerto Rico a wide variety of diving both in terms of the underwater terrain and diving conditions. Head and enjoy!!!

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