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Diving in Western Samoa

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With crystal clear turquoise waters, breathtaking coastal scenery and fascinating marine life, Western Samoa – one of the least expensive countries in the South Pacific has proved to be one of the last undiscovered frontiers of wonderful uncrowded diving. Surrounding reefs create beautiful lagoons with easy access for diving, both inside and outside the reefs. There is no shortage of dive sites that are home to colorful colonies of clown fish and schools of trevally, tuna and lion fish, as well as a variety of hard and soft corals, from brain to mushroom to plate corals. In a nutshell, this little piece of paradise offers everything you need to plan an attractive and memorable diving vacation.

Western Samoa

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Most Popular Dive Sites in Western Samoa include:

Wicked Wall

Featuring an fantastic visibility of 30+ meters, the Wicked Wall is a definitely one of the must-dive sites in Western Samoa, located in the protected Nu’utele Island eastwards from Lalomanu Beach. Ideal for diving any time of the year, the Wicked Wall comes with a wealth of fishlife, not to mention the wall that is covered with beautiful Christmas Trees and Gorgorians. Types of diving range from wall diving to reef diving to watching fish, while the activities available include underwater photography, marine biology and sealife exploration.

Namua Garden

Located between the beautiful islands of Namua and Fanuatapu, the picturesque Namua Garden offers fantastic diving in a maximum dive depth of 25 meters. Wall and reef diving are available here, which will bring divers close to breathtaking underwater scenery and exciting marine life, teeming with schools of reef fish, starfishes, variety of Nudibranches and more. Go a bit deeper and you’ll encounter a big school of Barracudas. Juvenal turtles, white tip sharks and eagle rays are seen occasionally. The dive site is accessed by boat and is ideal for all levels of divers.

Apolima Gardens

A wonderland of color and life, the coral garden off Aplima Island begins at 8 meters and drops to 40 meters. Accessible by boat through AquaSamoa Dive Center, operating from Aggie Greys Beach Lagoon Resort & Spa near the Mulifanua Wharf, this is where divers can indulge in shark diving, drift diving and reef diving and encounter everything from unicorn fish and turtles, to napoleon and reef sharks to blue fin trevally.

Other popular dive sites include: Apia’s Palolo Deep National Marine Reserve at Vaiala Beach on Upolu Island; The Aquarium, where the outcrops are cloaked in lettuce and brain corals; Turtle Minefield, perfect for watching Green Turtles and The Rock with an outstanding opportunity to dive and explore a small volcanic pinnacle.

There are many scuba diving centers in Western Samoa with Dive Savaii being one of the most popular, providing certified PADI courses, fun diving, dive and snorkel tours and a wreck dive.

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