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Diving in Vanuatu: Dream of Every Scuba Diver

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diving in vanuatuAre you considering a diving holiday on these hot summer days? There is a great deal of scuba diving destination suggestions on the web. However, it’s not an easy task to choose one. As for me I’d advise you to make your way to Vanuatu.

Vanuatu is in the South Pacific Ocean, 500 km east of Northern Australia, not far from New Guinea. It is a chain of about 82, 83 small islands. Some of them are inhabited some are not. However, most of them are worth seeing because of their rich tropical nature and diving destinations.

Tourists are most fond of Vanuatu because of its climate that ranges from 22°C to 28°C. Never too hot and never too cold. A real place to enjoy your days not only on the beaches but under the water as well.

When in Vanuatu you can attend scuba diving courses and be taught the whole fineness and details of diving art you’ll later need during your diving in the big blue ocean. These courses are quite affordable and have become a common thing in Vanuatu. People are being trained to dive in the pool. Later on they feel more assert and free in the ocean.

All this doesn’t mean that you’ll dive the ocean only fully handling diving skills. You shouldn’t at all be an experienced and professional diver to enjoy scuba diving in Vanuatu. With the help and support of Nautilus Scuba, one of the best diving centers, you will fully enjoy your dive even a starter. Nautilus Scuba will provide you with everything you need for a safe and secure diving: dive boats with the best modern equipment, let alone the amicable staff, that will accompany you during the whole time.

diving in vanuatu

With Nautilus Scuba you’ll certainly have an unforgettable and a highly memorable dive. The staff will take you to places really worth seeing. You will witness world-famous wrecked planes and boats. It’ll also give you the opportunity to have a night dive. Those who have already had a night dive, will assert that no diving can be compared with the one made at night.

Among numerous scuba diving destinations Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu, located on the main island of Vanuatu, Efate, is the most popular diving destination among all the divers. All scuba divers would give everything to once dive in the transparent and unpolluted waters of Port Vila. The water is so clean there, that even without diving you can easily see the underwater world: the exotic water-plants combined with colorful tropical fish.

The climate is mild there. That very thing makes Port Vila a place to have a great diving time. The semi-tropical climate makes Port Vila not only an appropriate scuba diving place but also a great spot for fishing and sailing.

Nautilus Watersports is not the only scuba diving service that you can turn to. Meridian Charters and Big Blue Scuba Dive are other scuba diving centers in Port Vila that can make your diving trip a real adventure.

diving in vanuatu

With the help of the above mentioned diving centers you will witness things that are gifted with real historical value. Let me introduce some of them to you.

MV Semle Feddersen is a cargo-carrying craft that was sunk in Mele Bay in 1985. The incredible visibility here gives you the opportunity to admire the ship from a distance of 60 meters. The boat has now become a home for water-plants and fish. As a result it has become a real exotic and gorgeous sight famous in the underwater world.

Star of Russia is another pride of the ocean. It’s a craft that has been made by Harlan and Wolff of Belfast, the builders of the Titanic. The craft sunk in the early 1900’s, when it was sailing from England to Australia. The visibility here is not so good, but the divers can swim through the ship body which is almost 80 meters.

During your dive in Port Vila, you’ll see wonders of nature, wonders that are hidden under the water, far from everybody’s glances. Among these miracles are Mele Reef, Blacksands reef and caves, Fila Island reef, The Cathedral and Ollies Lolly. And this is only a small part of everything you can see during your Port Vila diving.

When speaking about Vanuatu diving one can’t help mentioning about Espirito Santo. Espirito Santo is the largest island of Vanuatu and a great diving destination with an outstanding visibility.

diving in vanuatu

Espirito Santo is a prominent diving spot full of numerous underwater sights. The waters of the island guard the wrecks of WWII. The most famous of the wrecks is perhaps the SS Coolidge. The merchant ship sunk in 1942, having become one of the most desired scuba diving sights so far. As a result of several earthquakes, the ship has been divided into several parts.

Espirito Santo is not only a great place for divers but a real paradise for spending honeymoon and family vacations.

As you see, Vanuatu will never let you get bored. Are you an adventurer who is tired of the land life? The underwater world of Vanuatu is waiting for you.

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  • Lukas said:

    Hi, as i just came from diving holidays in Fiji and Vanuatu, I allow myself to comment. Vanuatu is a great destination, though this experience will cost you some money, and unless you come from OZ or NZ, also time spent in economy class of many flights required to get there. I do not think diving around Port Villa is that great as it may look from the article. But that depends on personal preferences. For me diving SS Coolidge with Aquamarine was THE experience. You can do up to ten dives on the wreck without seeing anything more than once. This place is also good to start training in some more serious diving. All DMs have to dive to depths within 40-60m twice a day, so the shops pay extra attention to procedures and safety by definition. And after u get used to that slightly different point of balance of twin tanks on your back, u can start enjoying longer bottom times, enhanced safety and generally bigger fun of deeper diving. :-) Lucas
    ps did i really forget to mention the volcano on Tanna Island, the original bunjee jumpers of Pentecost Island, or the underwater post-office from which a diver or a snorkel can send a special underwater postcard at Hideaway Island close to Port Villa? Good thing about Vanuatu is that unlike other South Pacific Islands, it offers quite a wide range of activities, not only nice beaches and cobalt sea.

  • Diverdude (Author) said:

    Thanks for sharing your opinion Lukas. BTW do you have any good photos to share ?


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