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Diving in Tulum

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The deep blue ocean has always been a mystery to the human race. Since the beginning of time, people have always tried to explore and explain what lies beneath and it’s the not knowing exactly what can be found down there that calls divers from all corners of the world to Tulum on the Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Scuba-Diving is a great way for intrigued divers to discover a world below and to learn all about the secret treasures it is hiding. With beautiful creatures such as eagle rays, manta rays, turtles, dolphins and sharks to be found in Tulum most of the year, you can never be too sure who you might end up swimming alongside. The variety of underwater wildlife in this area never ceases to amaze its visitors and even people have been diving in the area for years still find themselves seeing something new.

The Yucatan Peninsula, which is mainly made up of limestone, offers excellent diving opportunities on its Great Maya Barrier Reef. This stretches from the north end of the Yucatan Peninsula right the way down to the Belize coast and Honduras. Some of the more famous diving spots include Puerto Vallarta, Cancun and Cozumel; however lesser known Tulum is the perfect location for divers looking for a calmer diving environment.

The peninsula is a great place to enjoy diving amongst coral reef but visitors also have plenty to explore above sea level. The area has a number of top archaeological local ruins; one of the most famous is probably Chichen Itza, which is surrounded by contradicting theories and legends. Tulum is especially famous for its pyramids that sit a stone’s throw away from beautiful beaches, crystal clear water perfect.

On the Yucatan peninsula, the cave system is basically a huge underground river that cuts straight through limestone. Here you will find the famous cenotes, mysterious round holes in the bedrock which were sacred sites to the ancient Maya, and are often surrounded by verdant jungle. This only adds to the uniqueness of the Yucatan Peninsula and its attraction to thrill-seekers wishing to swim through cloudy hydrogen sulphide layers and soar around eerie stalactites.

The autumn months are a great time to dive in Tulum. The sea is calm so you can reef dive most days and thanks to the variety of other diving locations within the peninsular, there is an options for divers of all levels of experience. With visibility often exceeding 100 metres, stunning light effects and rock formations such as spikes and stalagmites, these are some of the best caverns for diving in the world and truly an experience not to be missed.

One you’ve booked your trip to  the Yucatan Peninsula is easy to reach from via buses, taxis and various airport transfer services there are also places you can find cheap car hire in and around the airport. So what are you waiting for? The warm jade sea, relaxed Caribbean atmosphere and paradisiac beaches all make Tulum the perfect place for divers looking to explore something truly amazing.

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