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Diving in Majorca- Majorca Holidays

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Diving in the Mediterranean is renowned world over. Balearic Island Majorca is set beautifully in the Mediterranean Ocean and water approaching from the North coast of Africa, France and Italy have developed a diverse marine life under water. Wildlife includes the CarettaCarreta (Loggerhead Turtles), ScorpaeanaMaderiensis (Madeira Rockfish) and the Loligo Vulgaris (Long finned Squid). It is a great destination for a cost effective Balearic diving holiday.

Take advantage of the Mediterranean diving by booking cheap Majorca holidays. Diving in Majorca is an experience suited for both beginners and the advanced diver. Majorca is a busy tourist resort, maintaining a thriving diving business with a number of dive schools and diving centres. To enjoy the best diving it is recommended to travel from May until October where the water temperature is at its highest, in August the water temperature reaches an average of 26 degrees Celsius.

Majorca is an excellent location for the adventure diver, with a number of coves, lagunas and coastal lines that are unspoilt and unexplored. Due to the nature of the terrain, dive sites offer their own landscape and inhabitants, making each dive site unique. The enticing crystal clear water is contravened with a number of natural obstacles that create a sense of intrigue and wonder before starting your dive.

Once you are in the warm water there is a metropolis of underwater life in Majorca. The Mediterranean Sea offers pelagic fish in abundance, in particular the Majorcan water are full of Wrasse. As their names would suggest the Ornate and Rainbow wrasse are distinctive in colour and naturally attractive in the clear Mediterranean waters. For those who wish to dive a little deeper. Crustaceans found include four species of Lobster and a variety of crab, deeper waters include the Grouper, Flounder and Red scorpion fish. Octopus and Squid are also common at lower depths, detailing just how diverse and vibrant a dive can be in Majorca.

Once the diving is done, Majorca can be the perfect location to relax or alternatively a great location to party.  Majorca Holidays are great for a cost effective diving holiday, if this is with a partner, group of friends or family the Island can cater for all. If you are looking for some bright lights look no further than party capital Majorca. Alternatively if you are looking for a quieter resort visit Puerto Pollensa, this idyllic harbour town works as a great base to work round the northern region of the Island and is home to some of the best dive sites.

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